Embrace the Winds of Change and Don't Let Fear Get in the Way

First of all, we hope everyone had a great holiday. 

We wish you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!

This month, we’ve been thinking a lot about the new year, because it brings new opportunities for change. We’re definitely feeling those winds of change here, especially because our office lease is up this year!

Roz Strategies has been in the same building for a few years. And though there are only four of us in the office, we’re squeezed for space. So, naturally, we’re hoping to expand before we have to sign a new three-year lease to keep our space. While some trepidation is to be expected with the notion of change, I have no doubt we’ll figure out our next move soon. But the subject reminds me of an interesting question I get from members and nonmembers alike:

Roz Strategies Tax Resolution Marketing “Michael, do I really need an office? Can’t I just work from my house?”

It’s a really good question — one that I think a lot of people in our industry ask themselves. It’s a question I asked myself when I first struck out on my own in 1998. In fact, I started my tax resolution business from my dining room table! But it didn’t take long for me to realize that I didn’t want to meet clients in my home.

Somehow, it hurt my credibility and professionalism, and most importantly, my “positioning.” It also cheapened the appearance of the quality of my services. Sitting around my dining room table and wondering if my clients would notice a few stray dishes left out in the kitchen didn’t convey the same panache that meeting in a professional office does. So about 30 days later, I was out of the dining room and into a Class B office building, leasing 482 square feet. It didn’t bother me that I’d have to pay $800 a month for rent, because I was happier. More importantly, my family was happy to have the whole house back!

Over the years, my business grew, and I grew with the landlord. When it was time to upgrade from 482 square feet, my landlord set me up with a larger space. My company kept growing, and I eventually ended up in a 15,000-squarefoot space with over 125 employees. While that might sound really nice, I would highly discourage anyone from growing their business that big. Trust me, you can manage a mid- to high-six-figure practice and never need a space that big or that many employees! Today, we’re hoping to settle into a more comfortable 1,200-square-foot space. Expansion is still a scary thought, but we’re willing to make the investment and take a leap of faith.

In the new year, that’s the advice I’m presenting you with: Take that leap of faith. Whether it’s finally time to get off your own dining room table, invest in a new marketing strategy, or hire on a new employee, don’t let fear be the reason you don’t. And, as always, don’t take your foot off the marketing gas pedal.

With tax season coming up, don’t neglect marketing your tax resolution practice in favor of tax preparation. Tax season is by far THE best time to ramp up your tax resolution marketing. Taxes are top-of-mind with everyone, but especially with troubled taxpayers. Your cost per lead, or CPL, and cost to acquire a new tax resolution client will be at its lowest during this time. Also, a lot of the work can be done after the April 15 deadline. Ramping up your tax resolution marketing during tax season will ensure profits and cash flow the rest of the year.

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Best of luck to all in the new year!

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