Three Essential Tax Resolution Marketing Tips

Tired of implementing marketing strategies that waste your time and money
with no visible results?

That’s one of the major challenges that most professional practices face. Luckily, there are three ways you can make sure that your tax resolution marketing is either depositing money in your bank account (or sucking it out).

1. Don’t work with something that’s not working for you. The most important rule of marketing is to make sure that you are monitoring and measuring your actions and effects. You must “know thy numbers.” In order to do this you have to track (by assigning unique phone numbers or URLs to ALL your marketing) and isolate which strategies are reaching your target demographic. Each marketing strategy will have a different way of measuring success, but remember that some strategies take longer to show effects. Lead generation strategies via direct mail, newspaper ads, and even online methods take longer than direct response radio or TV commercials. Unless a campaign has an immediate negative impact, be sure to allow a few months for any new strategy to kick in. This is why I advocate to “stay the course” for at least 90 days on any one strategy.

2.  The best things in life are free, at least when it comes to marketing. Freebies are a great opportunity to get people’s attention, give them a chance to test your service, and (best of all) make them feel more inclined toward retaining you or your firm in the future. Of course, the “free consultation” has been around forever. Try giving away a free Transcript Analysis (be different!). The key with this strategy is to get creative. Pens are great — blankets or color-changing cups are better! This rule can also apply to community activities like sponsoring a local soccer or softball team, donating to a shelter, or having team members volunteer.

3. Stay in touch with your clients. Your ads should communicate with your demographic without always trying to get them through your door. In order to do this with tact, you have to stay top-of-mind with your clients in a friendly, unobtrusive, way. Your book or e-book, monthly newsletters (like the done-for-you newsletter you receive as an Academy member), emails, and the occasional social media post create an environment where your clients feel they have a relationship with your company.

Do these tax resolution marketing tips make great sense? Learn how you can get even more insight into growing your tax relief practice!

I leave you with this final thought: Connection with your target audience is the new currency!

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