Everything in Life and Business is Negotiable, Everything!

everything_is_negotiableThis is one of my favorite quotes. While I am known as a tax resolution expert and the pioneer of one of the largest tax relief firms, not everyone knows my whole story. Being a negotiator is in my blood.

I was at an Inc 5000 awards dinner years ago for the success of my former company and was talking with one of the guests at my table.  Unbeknownst to me, the woman was a journalist with Connections Magazine.  I shared my background (just making small talk).  Before I knew it, I was having a candid interview about my personal background, my career decisions and business practices. This lead to a cover story in this award-winning digital magazine.

My quote “Everything in Life and Business is Negotiable, Everything!” became a published article and a first-hand account of my best business and negotiating practices – leading with personality, passion and purpose.

In the interview titled "Everything's Up for Grabs; Even Non-Negotiables" I give important advice and personal experiences on setting goals and getting what you want in a business environment – namely via negotiation.

Many of you may not know that I grew up as a second generation Holocaust Survivor. This experience spearheaded my expertise of negotiation. I watched my father haggle over almost everything. Watching how negotiation was possible was picked up in my youth and has been a defining trait in my success.

Over the past 30 years, negotiation has been everything in my business. I know that everything is negotiable. Everything. Especially the things that say 'non-negotiable', those are the most negotiable things. If folks go out of their way to specify something, it's a sticking point. So I go out of my way and learn why it's non-negotiable. By doing so, I've learned how to work around obstacles and get what I ultimately need.

Getting results for your clients is about negotiation. Hiring the right people requires negotiation. Success should never be negotiable. Are you ready to grab the reins to your success?