What Would Your Life Look Like With $15k More A Month?

CPAs and EAs: What would your life look like with an extra $15,000 a month from just three new tax resolution clients in the off-season?extra $15,000 a month from just three new tax resolution clients in the off-season

Think about it...

Would you be less stressed?  Have money to put into savings?  Pay off debt?  Hire help so you can work less?

No matter what your reason, know that there is no season for tax resolution which means that you can be making money all year round helping people resolve their IRS tax problems. Read more about why you should consider doing IRS representation work.

My academy helps CPAs, EAs and other professionals looking to make a career in tax resolution get the knowledge they need to succeed.  Learn more at www.rozstrategies.com.

I’ve created a ready-made system that will get you 3 new clients a month that will gladly pay you $5,000 in advance (3 x $5k = $15k/month) to help clients through the tax resolution process. As you think about that extra $15,000 a month, look at it from an even larger perspective, this is an additional $180,000 in income/year...and that is on the low end.  Watch my video for more information on how to build more predictable cash flows.

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