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IRS Tax Problem Resolution involves assisting clients who owe the IRS but simply cannot afford to pay them in full. Resolution options include Offers in Compromise, a Properly Structured Installment Agreement, Currently Not Collectible or request for Penalty Abatement. The IRS only recognizes a CPA, Attorney or Enrolled Agent to represent clients; therefore you are uniquely positioned to take advantage of this specialized niche opportunity. There exists only a small fraction of practitioners who offer this select premium service. Typically, one IRS Representation case can command "pay-in-advance" fees of at least $5,000 (and much more) per client. Just 3 new IRS Problem client cases a month will generate at least $15,000 per month, $180,000 a year, in additional fee income ALL YEAR ROUND. ALL YEAR ROUND.

Yes. As a CPA, Enrolled Agent or Attorney you are uniquely qualified to take advantage of this very lucrative opportunity. These are the only three credentials, recognized by IRS, that permit you to represent clients before the IRS’s Collection and Appeal Divisions. However, there are no prohibitions, per IRS Circular 230, preventing a non-licensed person from owning and operating a tax resolution firm, but only licensed practitioners can represent clients.

Not at all! Since the IRS is a Federal Agency, and as long as you are in "good standing" with your state’s licensing agency (your state bar, state board of public accountancy, or IRS enrollment card) you are permitted to represent clients residing in any of the 50 states.

No. I had zero knowledge, zero experience and zero clients and didn’t know the US tax code. I never worked for the IRS either. Most of my knowledge was self-taught by handling hundreds of cases with the IRS over a 16 year span. When I first started I would tell clients that I would do my best to research their matter and attempt to find a solution. The vast majority of these prospects retained me anyway.

I teach both. I’ll show you how to get potential new IRS tax clients to contact you. I teach you how to answer the phone and what to say to them. I teach you how to set up appointments and teach you how to ensure they show up for their appointment. I teach you how to close the deal, to get retained. I teach you how to get paid in advance, and how to manage the client and their IRS case.

Most of the IRS collection problem cases you’ll come in contact with will fall into 4 categories of possible resolution. Module 4 of the Tax Resolution Domination System & Toolkit, Case Resolution, covers these in complete, fill-in-the-blank step-by-step detail. My experience with dealing with the IRS was mostly self-taught. I learned the hard way meaning I didn’t initially win all my cases when I started, but even the ones I lost I still managed to get my clients some relief. Success in dealing with the IRS comes from the daily experience of representing as many clients as you can on a consistent basis.

Some of the strategies will cost nearly zero and others will cost thousands of dollars to implement, but it all depends on the level you’re at. If you’re an experienced practitioner with an existing (and previous) client base, and you have a budget to invest, you can spend more to get new clients flowing in quickly. If you’re new, or don’t have the budget, I’ll teach you how to get started in this niche for next to nothing.

That’s Ok. However, your first priority will be to fix that problem. If you have no money, it means you have not been successful at marketing to get new clients. What you need right now are clients that will pay you in advance to build up some cash reserves. All of the marketing strategies I teach are geared to provide immediate clients and cash flow.

Yes, there are currently over 13 million people, (and the number increases every year) from Maine to Hawaii who owe billions to the IRS who are in desperate need of your help. People with IRS problems come from all walks of life, from doctors to truck drivers. They live in big metropolitan and rural areas. Businesses that get into trouble with the IRS include retailers, restaurants, manufacturers, internet companies, service companies, distributors and professional practices. The amount of tax liability owed may differ from taxpayer to taxpayer but regardless of where they’re located, the one thing they all have in common is they are all suffering from the immense pain being inflicted upon them by the IRS.

Some of the strategies produce results in a few days. You can start using them today, and see real tangible results. Others will take a week to 21 days and others will take a few months to completely benefit from that particular marketing strategy. However, within 4-6 months’ time you’ll forget what it’s like not to have enough business. If you implement the strategies contained in the Domination System you’ll know within 4-6 weeks that your decision to invest in yourself and your education by adding a very lucrative niche to your practice was a very smart one. Please firmly understand that this program will work for you, but only if you WORK IT. There is no magic "pill".

Yes. I give you my very generous personal Iron-clad double guaranteeGuarantee #1: If in the first 30 days from receipt of the Domination System you are not completely satisfied for any reason or no reason at all simply return everything and will give you a full refund, no questions asked. And we’ll go another big step further. Guarantee #2: We’ll "ride along with you" for another 11 months, that’s right a full year from date of receipt. Take your time and go through it all, page by page, disk by disk and if you can look me in the "eye" and tell me you tried at least three of the strategies from the system and you were not happy with the results, I’ll give you a full refund, every penny back, even a full 365 DAYS LATER.

Not only do you receive all the instruction and “how to” information contained in the Tax Resolution Domination System and Toolkit, you also get unwavering, on-going support, tools and resources to help you be as successful as possible via our Diamond Insider’s Circle Program and 24/7 access to the Member’s website. When you invest in the Tax Resolution Domination System and Toolkit you are automatically enrolled into the Diamond Level Insider’s Circle Group Program for 60 days at no charge. As a Diamond Level Member you can call us at 1-888-670-0303or email us at to get answers on any marketing, sales or management question using the certificates that are in the Domination System Toolkit. In addition, you get exclusive Diamond member only access to the “8 Weeks to $10,000” training online video series, "live" monthly training webinars, a complete "done-for-you" Tax Resolution Times newsletter to send to your prospects, clients and referral sources, "live" Jump Start Q&A tele-coaching calls and much more. After the 60 day free trial period, the monthly investment is only $497 per month and is automatically charged to the credit card on file. However, there is absolutely no obligation and you can cancel at any time and there are no term restrictions.

I’m sure you could do this yourself, just like I did. Just allow yourself 24-48 months and make sure you have a $250,000 "war chest" on hand, for all the trial and error, and then you’re all set. What you’re investing in is my knowledge, experience and help. The marketing strategies I teach propelled me to $23 million in collected fees in 2012 alone. What if you were only able to do 5% of that in a fraction of the time? I help you leapfrog over the steep learning curves of marketing and management to add a new highly profitable practice area to your firm. The expense of doing this yourself is cost prohibitive and will take you a long time.

I teach both. I teach you how to get these potential clients to call your office, how to get them to make an appointment, what do with them when they’re sitting in front of you, how to get them to pay you in ADVANCE, and how to manage them and their IRS cases. IRS problem clients are looking for someone to handle their problem from "A to Z". They’re looking for someone to guide them through this process. They know they can’t do this themselves and want someone to tell them exactly what to do and when to do it and to hold them accountable.

You’ve probably seen and heard the late-night TV and radio ads targeting people with IRS problems. National companies don’t compete with you so much as help you by creating public awareness that practitioners can help with these types of problems. The majority of people would overwhelmingly prefer to work with a local CPA, Attorney or Enrolled Agent rather than some large impersonal national firm.

Besides the intrinsic value of adding another lucrative niche service to your practice, IRS Representation can lead to a number of other revenue streams (like life, health, disability and elder care insurance) because placement of these products can actually help your client achieve a better outcome with the IRS. Additionally, being in the powerful position of being able to offer IRS Problem Clients much needed relief will soon be known throughout your community. Being recognized as the practitioner specializing in tax problem resolution will bring you referrals from people and other professionals you’ve never met before. You’ll be known as the "go-to" person for HELP!

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