Five Tips for Overcoming Distractions

You start out your workday with a specific goal in mind...but now it’s 5 o’clock and you’re no closer to accomplishing that goal than you were this morning. Where did the time go?

Can you relate to this?  So many professionals can.  One of the keys to productivity is overcoming distractions. Chances are, your time is often wasted dealing with minor issues and distractions, or (admit it) it was procrastinated away. So how can you find your focus and ramp up your productivity? It’s simple.

Just follow these five tips to overcoming distractions:

1. SHUT YOUR DOOR: While an “open-door policy” has its merits, it also has its downfalls—namely, it’s a huge distraction. If you really need to focus, shut your door (if only for the time being). Who knows? It could motivate your employees to take initiative and put out their own fires. If someone does enter your office, stand up. In most cases, you standing will dissuade your visitor from sitting— keeping your meeting short, sweet, and to the point.

2. MAKE A LIST: But don’t let it get buried under the mountain of papers that is your desk. Post your list by your phone, on your computer, or anywhere that you’re sure to see it whenever you look up. It will help keep you motivated to focus throughout the day.

3. PUT THE PHONE DOWN: You’d be amazed at how much time goes into “quickly checking Facebook” or responding to a text on your phone. The fact of the matter is, every time your attention is pulled away from the task at hand, it’s going to take you twice as long to get back in the flow.

4. TAKE BABY STEPS: Don’t wait for a solid block of time to accomplish a large project. Do as much as you can, whenever you can—even if it’s only 15 minutes at a time. That big block of time may never appear, but taking little bites will accomplish way more than you think.

5. CLEAN UP: If your desk is cluttered, you’re more likely to spot a distraction. It’s easy to lose focus on the big stuff when there’s a bunch of little stuff just begging to steal your attention. Clear your desk and dive in. Above all, take a page from Nike’s book, and Just Do It!

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