Following Up with Your Offline Leads

Tax professionals - how do you follow up with your leads?

It’s mission critical for you to follow up with the leads you receive from your online and offline lead generation efforts. Offline leads are generated from marketing in newspapers, trade journals, brochures, newsletters—basically everything that's offline that you're driving to have the person ask for your free confidential report. Online leads are generated from your website or internet marketing efforts.

Watch my video to learn how to follow up with offline leads.

Following Up with Your Offline Leads for Tax Professionals

First Step:

You need to get their contact information. If you've set up your phone message correctly and, your online landing page, you're going to capture the information you need. Once someone gives you their information, you need to deliver the free report, or the DVD or whatever you promised to deliver.

What happens if you don’t hear from them after you’ve sent your lead generation magnet? Watch the video now and find out the proven follow-up steps to take to have your leads contact you. 

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