Following Up with Your Online Leads

Tax Professionals - how do you follow up with your online leads?

The Money is in the Follow Up -- Otherwise You’ve Just Flushed Your Marketing Spend Down the Drain!

It's just as important to follow up with your leads you get from your online marketing efforts as it is with your offline leads. Online leads come from a variety of sources including your website and ads that you're running on Facebook, Google Adwords, Yelp or any other online content. Hopefully you're pushing out some useful content articles, via your blog, where you have a URL that takes them to a dedicated landing page with information like, “The 7 Secrets the IRS Doesn't Want You to Know”.

Once your prospect is on your landing page they enter their contact information—that’s where you ask for their name and email in exchange for something of value you promise to deliver. Once they opt in, you mail and/or email them the report you promised, for example, “The 7 Secrets the IRS Doesn't Want You to Know”. But don’t stop there! 

Now that you have the prospects contact information it’s time to follow-up. 

Watch my video to discover these simple steps to take to get retained! Michael Rozbruch Online Lead Follow Up for Tax Professionals

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