Food For Thought: Hopes and Dreams for 2015

This blog post is from my wife and business partner, Roslyn Rozbruch:

I always feel a New Year is a chance at a fresh start for the things that are unresolved in my life, even if I don’t make a particular resolution for the upcoming year.

Roz Strategies has been sending out our newsletter since we officially launched our business in June 2014. Over that time, Michael and I have tweaked the newsletter to now include monthly columns like the IRS Terror Tale and the Member Spotlight where we share the success stories of our members. As Director of Operations, (and Michael’s wife), I’m always in the background looking at the big picture and finding ways to make the membership and products he offers be the best they can be. At the very beginning of our launch, and before Sue and Becky came on board, I was the one answering the phone calls and emails. But as we’ve grown and continue to grow I haven’t had a chance to connect with our members personally—but I always ask Becky and Sue about the members so I can feel connected, albeit from a distance.

Michael talks about our many adventures personally and business-wise every month in the cover story, so you know a little about me: we are married close to 30 years and have two grown daughters. Being a mom I always have advice to give to not only my daughters or Michael, but friends and even my daughters’ friends. When our daughters moved out of the house several years ago, that didn’t stop me from sharing my advice. Instead I emailed or texted it with the header, “Food for Thought” so they knew right up front what my line of communication was about. Since Danielle and Erica are in their twenties and young ladies, my food for thought is more about giving them another perspective on a challenge they face or a decision they have to make. I give them the disclaimer, “Just hear what I have to say, but I will stand by your decision.” The same holds true for any “advice” I give to anyone, which is really more not advice but a different way of looking at things. Like Michael has been passing on a different way to grow your business, I have another way of how to perceive a situation and how to handle it that’s different than the norm. I don’t know too many people that would tell their spouses to start a new business in their late 50’s, but I knew this business was something Michael wanted to do for several years. So I told him to, “Go for it,” just like I told him years ago when he wanted to leave the corporate world and start his own tax resolution business.

I just would like to end this with food for thought:

It’s the New Year, have you thought of what you want this year to be for you?

What are your hopes and dreams for 2015?

What are you waiting for? Go for it!

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