Four Rules For Tax Resolution Marketing


I have four Rules For Tax Resolution Marketing:

  1. Get 'em
  2. Wow 'em
  3. Help 'em
  4. Keep 'em

Get 'em: You can be the best tax resolution professional in the world, but if nobody knows, what's the point?  You get clients with marketing.  Network, advertise, be online, get on social media, get going with content marketing.

Wow 'em: Next, you have to wow them. You wow them by giving a great experience. This includes how you answer your phones, email marketing messaging, your branding, website, messaging on your site, brochures, social media and more.

Help 'em: Then you have to help them. From the minute you capture that lead, all the way through the experience you provide in the tax resolution process, it all has to be in the name of helping them get on the road to resolution. Helping with tax resolution also includes the content you provide in your email newsletters, brochures, and website. Often, you capture leads by having content that helps people help themselves. The more you help them, the more they know you, like you and trust you.

Keep 'em: And last but not least, you have to keep them!  The value of a lead (when properly handled) is worth more to you than the client who just retained you for their one case in their lifetime.

You are in the business of marketing (which means maximizing exchanges).  Make it part of your practice.  Get on the fast track and join my Inner Circle Member's Program and grab some of my marketing products to get going!