Get High Ranking On Google Without Spending Money


Did you know that you can get a higher ranking on Google without spending money?

You can, if you are willing to spend the TIME to do so.

#1 Place to start: Get on Google Business.

Google Business allows you to get on Google for free. Setting up an account connects you directly with customers, whether they're looking for you on Search, Maps or Google+.  Ever wonder how other firms have those map listings when you search and you don't?  Well, it's all through Google Business.

#2 - Make sure your site is search optimized.  

The words you use on your site and in code and even in links can help the search engines (Google gets almost 70% of searches) index and pull your site up. If your tax resolution firm is in Iowa and you don't use the words tax + resolution + Iowa on your site, then how the heck is Google going to understand that you are a tax resolution firm in Iowa? Simple steps like that peppered into site copy and in code can make a big difference. There are experts who can expedite this for you or you can self-study on your own. There are great books out there to learn from.

#3 - Create Content!

Search engines have web robots called spiders that read all the content on your site. Spiders need food - you have to be producing new web pages to keep feeding them. Blogging is a great way to create new content (without relying on a webmaster or a marketing agency). Blog posts are registered in search engines as unique pages.  It's fantastic for search engine optimization if the content has the right context. Be sure to use the right phrases in your posts that you want to be searched and found on.