Getting More Referrals in Your Tax Resolution Business

Do you know what the 3 ingredients are to consistently receive referrals from your clients?

Dan Kennedy calls this “The Three I's”: Intentional, Investment and Integrated. Watch my video to learn how "The Three I's" can get you more referrals to your tax resolution practice. 

Michael Rozbruch: How To Get Referrals to Your Tax Resolution Business
The first ingredient is intentional.

You have to be intentional from the lead to the sale. You need to embed with the client that you are a referral-based firm, and that your firm thrives on referrals and that they are expected. You should mention that in all of your emails and marketing materials.

The second ingredient is investment.

It's going to cost something to make sure your clients refer people to you, so make sure that you're able to invest in getting referrals from your clients. That may mean running some kind referral rewards program where if they refer a certain number of people they receive a gift certificate for dinner, tickets to the theater or a sporting event.

The third ingredient is to be integrated.

For example, when you came into my office I had testimonial books on my coffee table. I had framed Offer in Compromise acceptance letters on the walls, sometimes with pictures of the clients. I had a video loop running in the lobby with video testimonials from clients. Make sure you integrate testimonial marketing throughout your entire practice.

And here's another tip: Are you getting referrals from your staff? You should be. If your staff isn't referring you to their circle of influence than you have a problem. You may have a communication problem. So revisit why your staff should be referring clients to you.

I am here to help you - Get in the Business of Growing Your Business!

Watch my video on getting more referrals to your tax resolution business here.