Give Yourself Permission To Make The Money You Desire

tax resolution marketing, tax marketing, tax resolutionThis is a guest blog post from my wife Roslyn, Director of Operations.

Give Yourself Permission To Make The Money You Desire

We’ve all heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” The same holds true for the words you say about yourself — you are what you say.

This philosophy is nothing new; it’s been said by other top inspirational speakers in other ways. The reason I’m bringing it up is because whenever I hear someone say, “I’ll never be rich or make a lot of money,” I want to say (or depending on how well I know the person, I do say), “Don’t put a ceiling on your dreams.” It’s okay to want money in your life. I think sometimes people feel a little guilty about the desire for money.

Having money in your life, or more financial freedom, doesn’t make you greedy. When someone says to me, “I don’t need money to make me happy,” I say, “Me neither.” But not having it doesn’t make you happy either. Happiness comes from within — I’m a “the-grass-is-green-right-where-I’m-standing” and “where-I-am-is-where-I-want-to-be” kind of person. Having more money means your life is more comfortable, whether that’s a new home, a new car, or an evening out with friends. So there’s that part where someone will say they want to make more money, but then the other part nixes that statement by saying out loud, “But that will never be me.”

Don’t be afraid of having financial success in your life

Words are powerful, written or spoken. Saying you can’t achieve something you want puts a ceiling on what you can achieve. It’s negative energy in the air. Of course you need to do the work, but I’ve seen plenty of people work hard and not achieve their goals. Success can’t come to you if you believe it’s not going to happen or you feel guilty for wanting it.

Give yourself permission to make the money you desire to make

I have an assignment for you. Write yourself a check for the amount of money you would like to make and date it a year from now. Then work backward.

  • How many new tax resolution clients will I need (at $5,000 each) to achieve this?
  • How many prospects or leads do I need to obtain these new clients?

By writing it out, you are putting the wheels in motion to reach the goal you’ve set for yourself as well as giving yourself permission to earn it. There’s no guarantee that’s what you will make, but there is a chance for you to do better than you expected.

After you write that check to yourself, put it in an envelope. In 12 months, take it out, and hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised. The significance of writing a check to yourself is in setting a goal, because if you don’t set a goal, how can you reach it?

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