Happy Thanksgiving and Thank You from Michael Rozbruch

I know I’ve posted a ton of blog posts during the last several weeks regarding my master class on How to Implement Your Very Own Audit Protection Plan. As a “Thank You” I’ve attached a complimentary link to one of my most popular trainings on the house!

Michael Rozbruch Thank You Tax Training

This training, on the video below, is comprised of several Tax Resolution management strategies including How to Answer Your Phones when potential clients call you, How to schedule These Appointments and How to Make Sure these prospects show up to your office or on the phone!

This training is from a sold-out a 2-day live event we did in Nashville this past August. It’s an informative and educational hour and ten minute excerpt from that event.

Michael Rozbruch Free Tax Training Video

Please enjoy this complimentary training at your leisure!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and Thank you,

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