Highest Quality Tax Resolution Training and Education

I received an email today from the CEO of www.taxconnections.com. Thank you Kat Jennings for your kind words and taking time to reach out! You talk with thousands of tax resolution professionals, knowing that you are hearing nothing but great feedback means so much!

I feel so honored and humbled to have the opportunity to teach tax resolution marketing, sales, operations and practice management to such amazing tax professionals. When I get feedback like this, it's the best!

I want to tell you that I have spoken to numerous tax advisors the past few years who have taken your tax resolution courses. You are likely surprised to receive this communication from me today as we have not spoken in about a year. The tax resolution training and education you are providing tax practitioners is outstanding. I receive this feedback during my direct conversations with thousands of tax professionals each year.

The list is long of tax professionals who walk away from your program armed with strategies to make many clients very happy. Tax resolution practitioners have shared with me many times what they have learned during your training on tax resolution. Just yesterday a tax practitioner shared with me information they learned from you that was so, so valuable and so unique - I was not even aware of the opportunity.

You are providing the highest quality education to tax practitioners today. This education is helping them save their clients extraordinary amounts of money, time and emotional pain. You are one of the good guys out there helping the profession and taxpayers at the same time.

You are doing an outstanding job and I applaud you for all your efforts. You obviously were not expecting this surprise message from me today but you really do deserve a big applause.

All the best,
Kat Jennings, CEO, www.taxconnections.com.

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