How the Tax Resolution Niche Can Help People

I was recently interviewed in a three part video series about the business of tax problem resolution. The first video in the series asks the question: "how did you get into the tax problem resolution niche to begin with?" This video interview explains how I got started over sixteen years ago and why I never looked back.

(*Below the video is information for CPAs, attorneys and Enrolled Agents about why they should consider handling tax problem clients).

Here are some of the reasons why the tax resolution niche is so appealing:

IRS problems affect every aspect of one’s life - In my years of handling tax resolution cases, it became clear that people who were struggling with tax issues also had other debt problems that were causing huge strains on their relationships with significant others. What I soon discovered was that these are regular people facing intimidating financial challenges and I could help them.

Fighting for the underdog – I like a good fight especially when it’s sticking up for the little guy. When clients are up against the IRS it’s similar to the David vs. Goliath battle, but I like that challenge. Helping people resolve their tax issues is a very self-rewarding feeling and one of the reasons that I got into this niche in the first place.

You really help people - As I discovered in the research I did prior to my first audit, when it comes to tax resolution issues the law was on the side of my client. I just needed to leverage that advantage to help them reduce their tax liability often quite significantly. Helping people get financial house in order allows them to move on with their lives.

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