How to Compete With National Tax Resolution Companies

How can you compete today against all the national tax resolution companies? You know the ones. You hear them on the radio all the time. You see them on TV late at night. How do you compete with those?

Well number 1 is they don't hurt you as much as actually help you because they bring awareness to the general public that help for these types of problems exists. And let me just say, your clients would much rather speak to you, their local CPA or their Enrolled Agent, or their local attorney, to handle these personal problems. They don't want to call some 800-number at some large impersonal firm and speak to a high pressured salesperson.

The other thing that those large national companies can't do that you can is to build local relationships in your communities through your referral sources, through other professionals in your local communities like bankruptcy attorneys, realtors, mortgage brokers, other CPAs who don't do this work, and other EAs who don't do this work. So those large national companies don't hurt you as much as help bring awareness to the general public that help for this exists. So play up the local angle in your marketing messages and build relationships in your local communities and you'll have more business than you know what to do with.

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michael rozbruch tax and business solutions academy