How to Follow Up with Qualified Leads

Tax professionals:

How do you follow up with qualified prospects that you've already met with in your office, or on the phone, and had the initial consultation with?

On the last two videos, I talked about how to follow up with both your offline leads and online leads. This video is on following up with prospects you just had your initial consultation with and that didn’t retain you…yet!

Michael Rozbruch Tax Resolution Training Video

Make no mistake about it — there are fortunes in the follow up.

What I did for 16 years, and what I teach my members to do now, is that after a prospect has come in for their initial consultation, or the one you had on the phone, and for whatever reason they didn't retain you, you need a formal system in place to follow up with that prospect, consistently and frequently, for the next 180 days until they retain you.

Watch this week’s video to uncover the secret to getting retained through these easy follow up steps

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