How to Get In With Tax Resolution Clients

laptops-workingYou want people to want to retain you to solve their IRS problems—and they won’t willingly do so until you’ve effectively made your way into their lives. When I coach lawyers, CPAs and Enrolled Agents on how to get more clients for their tax resolution businesses, I teach with my vampire analogy.

Much like a vampire has to be invited across the threshold (we all know that forcing his way in will get him nowhere), you must receive an “invitation” before you can ever hope to get close to winning tax resolution client business. Unfortunately, unlike a vampire, your invitation requires a little more effort than simply showing up on their doorstep and hoping for the best…

If you want prospective tax resolution clients to contact you, you have to give them a reason to do so. There is no something for nothing in tax resolution marketing! This reason could be as small as a free souvenir or collectible—something to ensure that they remember you long after the first point of contact. This is called a premium, and it’s a sales incentive that’s nearly as old as vampires themselves.

I recommend that your premium be tailored to fit your demographic. While a customized key chain or ballpoint pen with your name emblazoned on the side is good (after all, it’s bound to keep you top of mind), something like a free educational report that someone with a tax problem would want to read is better. When you offer up valuable information to your potential customers for no reason whatsoever, you’re telling them that you genuinely care about solving their tax problem. If the information is truly beneficial, and you’ve refrained from hitting them with a sales “pick-up line,” they’ll not only willingly invite you across their metaphorical threshold, but they’ll be asking you to visit more often.

Invest in your clients’ lives so they will want to invest in your business. No, you don’t have to invite them over for Sunday dinner, and you certainly don’t have to show up on their doorstep every other day like a vampire (in fact, we strongly recommend against that), but you do have to continue to show them that you care long after the original “invitation.” Just like Dracula, that invitation can be withdrawn at any time, and once that relationship is lost, it’s nearly impossible to get it back.

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