How to Get Tax Resolution Clients Referred to You

Get tax resolution clients referred to you from other experts! Watch my video to learn the 8 easy steps to get this going. Ready to grow your tax resolution practice? Watch and read on!

Michael Rozbruch 8 Step Referral System to Get Tax Resolution Clients

Here is a summary of my 8-step referral system:

Step 1: Identify who you want to contact—bankruptcy attorneys, realtors’ mortgage brokers, other CPAs, EAs and/or unenrolled preparers.

Step 2: Buy, rent or otherwise obtain a list of their names and addresses.

Step 3: Create a personalized and customized letter to mail to them.

Step 4: When you're mailing to them give them something of value. For example, if you're mailing attorneys you could send them a report on how the IRS audits attorneys. Or if you're mailing to realtors or mortgage brokers include a report on the five largest tax deductions that most realtors or mortgage brokers miss.

Step 5: Mail them three times. Do not stop after the first mailing! Make sure you mail them three times. That's when you will get your best response for any type of list.

Step 6: Include your brochure and business card with each mailing.

Step 7: Make sure you refer to the previous letter. So letter number two refers to letter number one, letter number three refers to letter number two.

And the last one....

Step 8: Put them on your monthly newsletter list after you've mailed them three times so that you are top of mind when they have someone to refer.

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