How To Turn Your Website Into A Client Generating Machine By Adding This ONE Thing

Your website is your digital salesperson.

If you use it properly, it can help you generate many clients.

Most folks are missing one key element on their website that is keeping them from getting clients to contact and retain them.

We’ve invited, expert marketer and educator, Dave Dee to speak at The 4th Annual Tax Resolution Success Summit to teach you what this ONE thing is and how to incorporate it on your website.

During his workshop, you’ll discover…

  • The one MAJOR element missing from your website which is costing you thousands of dollars is lost clients. (Adding this one thing changes everything and it’s easy.)
  • How to stop being viewed as a commodity and position yourself as the go-to tax resolution specialist in your market. (Attract the very best clients and leave your competition to fight over the leftovers.)
  • How to turn website visitors into pre-qualified leads who are eager to make appointments and engage your services, in 15 minutes or less.
  • The simplest way to turn unconverted leads into appointments with a single click. (This so simple you’ll be kicking yourself for not already doing it.)
  • How to make your competition irrelevant and become the only tax resolution specialist people will consider hiring. (It’s time for you to DOMINATE.)
  • How to double the effectiveness of ANY type of lead generation you are currently doing. (Go from ho-hum results to staggering success with this easy to implement strategy.)
  • Plus much more.

Dave has an amazing talent for generating clients via websites and used this in his own business to increase sales.

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See you in Dallas,

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