“Information Overload” and How to Get Noticed

Man-working-on-deskYour prospective clients are like you; they’re busy, they get a lot of email, phone calls, texts, and regular mail, and everything is clamoring for attention. Add to this the fact that your clients and referral partners are being bombarded with marketing materials from your competitors. You don’t do yourself any favors by shrugging your shoulders and saying, “Oh well.”

This is a solvable problem.

In this “information overload” culture that we live in, it’s imperative to find ways to stand out. You must position yourself as the only logical choice for your targeted customer and referral partner.

Here’s one idea that has been around for years to help people get noticed, but is often ignored because of the cost: Getting your message through via a FedEx or UPS Next Day envelope.

Think about it, when you have a stack of 10 letters to open, and at the bottom of the pile is an “Urgent- Next Day” envelope, what item are you going to open first? 99% of people will open the Priority Package first because the packaging conveys its own message: This item is Important, Urgent, Non-Typical, Special…Open Now!

If you could spend an extra $10 to increase your chances by 300% of landing that next client, would you? The Next Day package ensures that your message will get opened, and simultaneously convey to your client that your message is important. And note—your competitors by-and-large are NOT doing this.

Where can you use this technique for getting noticed? Try it with your engagement letter package to qualified (people you already had a consultation with) prospects, your marketing package, or a birthday surprise; the Special Delivery gives whatever is inside a bit more “cachet.” The item, the message, and most importantly, YOU, get noticed!