IRS Problem Solvers Marketing and Sales Events

Roslyn and I wrote this post after returning from our Marketing and Sales Confidence-Building Boot Camp for IRS Problem Solvers in August. This was our first-ever live event with this focus and it was a hit! About 150 people attended, from both ends of the IRS problem-solving spectrum: Some of our guests were just starting out, while others had been in the business as long as I have. Of the 150 guests, most were already our members who said they’d never experienced an event like this before.

We set up our event different from the typical IRS Problem Solver boot camp or conference. A lot of people teach marketing, but few teach sales. I taught for most of the two days, and I showed the group not only the best tools for marketing, but I went into a deep-dive of the sales process, which included how to get someone to show up to their appointment, how to actually close the sale step-by-step, and how to get a prospect to pay your fees upfront. I also did some prospect-objection role-playing so attendees could see the lessons in action. Everyone also received a playbook so they could not only write down what they were learning, but also fill in particular forms that pertained specifically to their business.

And more than marketing and sales lessons, we gave our guests tools and the confidence to use them. By the end of each session, people learned new gems of knowledge and experienced lots of “ah-ha!” moments. What I enjoyed most about the event was how interactive it was. Some of my Mastermind members volunteered to field questions from the audience — which inspired several people to join our Mastermind group!

While we know fun isn’t always my strong suit, it was great to have Roslyn at the event. Not only did she make sure the event went off without a hitch, but she also made the event fun. If you know Roslyn, you know fun is one of the things she does best. Being on the San Antonio River Walk gave everyone easy access to dining, shopping, and entertainment.

As with any events, Roslyn, Becky, Sue, and I loved meeting our members in person. We got to know them more, and they got to know each other! The event was a wonderful way to network. It affirmed to our members, especially during our members-only luncheon, that they were not alone, and they could use our wide network for support and accountability. In the coming years, we’d like to incorporate more of that interaction. I’d like to bring in more speakers and do more role-playing. The format of the event will remain intact, but we’ll change just enough to keep adding value for our guests.

Now that we’ve wrapped up our big event, I want to remind everyone to not get discouraged when business slows down over the upcoming holiday season — when even the IRS takes a break and functions with a skeleton crew — and especially don’t take your foot off the marketing gas pedal during tax season. We often hear of people embarking on marketing campaigns, just to stop and have to start over later, which is a huge mistake.

Thanks to everyone who attended our confidence-building boot camp. Our next big event, which we host with the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers is the Marketing and Technology Extravaganza in January in Orlando, FL! I hope to see you all there!

Stay the course and keep powering through!

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