IRS Terror Tale of the Month

“Like father like son” the saying goes, but for the Pflueger family, maybe that’s not such a good thing. Father, James Pflueger, and son, Charles Alan Pflueger own Pacific Honda (formerly Pflueger Honda), one of the biggest car dealerships in Honolulu. While they might know how to wheel and deal on selling a car, cheating the IRS on their cut is just bad business.

Back in 2010, both James Pflueger and Alan Pflueger were indicted on charges of “Conspiracy to defraud the United States for the purpose of obstructing the Internal Revenue Service in its collection of taxes.” On October 11, 2014 Alan Pflueger was sentenced to head to federal prison this January for 15 months, as well as pay a $40,000 fine - $26,000 in unpaid taxes and perform 200 hours of community service for owing the IRS up to $1 million in back taxes.

This wasn’t the first time either of the Plunger’s was in trouble with the IRS. Their IRS problems have as many twists and turns as an autocross race track—interestingly enough both father and son are race car drivers. Back in 2005, Alan pled guilty to filing a false income tax return. His father, James Pflueger, was also implicated in the case, as well as another private fund hiding scandal. It seems James sold property in Los Angeles, California and placed the estimated $14 million profits in a bank account in Switzerland, failing to disclose the bank account to the IRS.

In the most recent scandal, while Pflueger junior appears to be suffering real consequences, James escaped substantial repercussions, again, this time placing the blame for any apparent transgressions on his financial consultant, Dennis Duban (who is facing significant charges as well).

While Alan Pflueger soon heads off to jail he says, “It feels good to take responsibility for the mistakes that I’ve made and I’m looking forward to doing good things.” He will have some time to contemplate which road to take once he’s out of prison.