Is Direct Mail In Your Tax Resolution Marketing Strategy?

tax resolution marketing direct mailThe latest reports for 2015 are in, and direct mail leads the pack in response rates, customer retention, and cost-per-response.

Direct mail wins again!

These studies prove, once again, that a marketing strategy based on direct mail is sure to bring direct results. Is direct mail part of your tax resolution marketing strategy?

Direct mail is over seven times more effective than all digital channels combined, according to the Direct Marketing Association Response Rate Report 2015. The survey reported that average direct mail response rates to your own database were 3.7 percent. Impressive, even without considering that email, social media, paid search, mobile, and Internet display tallied only a 0.52 percent response all together.

When it comes to prospect response rates, direct mail left email in the dust — boasting 10 times the success rate of email. These reports make it clear that direct mail is still a potent resource for tax resolution practitioners, and that it’s foolish to leave it out of any tax marketing strategy for a few reasons:

  1. With direct mail, people are MUCH more likely to read the information you are sending them.
  1. People actually enjoy reading their direct mail (according to 59 percent of respondents), and they refer back to it for additional information.
  1. Your readers enjoy their direct mail so much that 40 percent want to take it with them and potentially share it with other people.

These results are mind-blowing, especially considering the relative cost of direct mail versus e-marketing. Though email has a low initial investment, it also reports low readability, response, and customer retention — unless integrated with a direct mail campaign.

Need more proof? GKIC co-founder Dan Kennedy said, “I am here to assert that NOTHING ELSE [sic] can deliver the riches that direct mail can and does when it is fully understood and properly deployed.” He also says “wealth is tied to postage stamps” and that his own personal wealth is firmly rooted in and built on direct mail.

So what are you waiting for? Implement direct mail in your tax marketing campaign today!

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