Is Tax Resolution Right For Me?


WARNING: Adding TAX RESOLUTION To Your Existing Practice Can Double Your Income AND Change Your Life!

My name is Michael Rozbruch, also known as the Roz Man. I am a CPA and Certified Tax Resolution Specialist in Los Angeles, California.  In addition to creating, from scratch, and running one of the most recognizable, successful and reputable IRS Representation firms in the country, I founded and Michael Rozbruch’s Tax & Business Solutions Academy, an eLearning, training and coaching services company to help ordinary practitioners add and grow highly profitable IRS Representation practices through proven marketing, sales, practice management and case resolution strategies.

I encourage you to read this report to the end to learn about an opportunity that’s right under your nose.  This opportunity has the potential to greatly increase your income, and the best part is:  all that is required are your existing (EA/CPA) credentials.

If you are the right fit, it could make an enormous difference in your life and the lives of your family for years to come.  I know from personal experience, and the experience of my students, that if you put in the work you can do this too.

Working Hard is One Thing, Knowing What to Work Hard On is Another

Imagine making more money with your existing practice than you ever thought possible.  Imagine never having to worry again whether or not you have enough business, especially in the off-season. You have worked years to build your business.  Now it’s time for you to earn what you deserve.

Think about the possibilities…maybe it’s the prospect of more free time to spend with your family and friends, a long vacation away just to relax…Maybe it’s as simple as that classic car you’ve wanted for years.  The list could go on forever!  What’s important is how empowering it is when you have independence, security, and control of your future.

I will show you how to increase your monthly income by thousands, not with some get rich quick scheme, but with a proven, reliable business model that you haven’t taken advantage of – yet.

Imagine never having to chase receivables again.  How about being able to select only the clients you want to work with.  You may have to alter your mindset from needing to take every client that walks through your door to selecting ONLY those that meet your criteria.  Imagine having a prospective client qualify for your services before you allow them to engage you – and collecting much higher fees than you ever thought possible BEFORE completing the work. Imagine how it would feel to finally be paid what you’re worth AND be appreciated and respected by your peers and clients!

Some Insights on the IRS and the Tax Resolution Market

Today, 19 million people owe the IRS over $391,000,000,000 (billion). 14 million of them are already in the IRS’s Collection Division. This number is expected to increase exponentially in the coming years. The Commissioner is pushing the IRS to employ technology and collect more despite reduced resources.  Taxpayers are already experiencing ever-increasing difficulty getting help from IRS personnel.  So, when the IRS computers levy a taxpayer’s bank account or paycheck, they are looking for someone to assist them.  Why not you?  The tax gap is growing, currently at 391 billion dollars PER YEAR and IRS staffing is shrinking.  The result?  Less flexibility, less cooperation, and more pain for troubled taxpayers.

Many times it takes a wage garnishment, bank levy or the issuance of a federal tax lien for a delinquent taxpayer to realize they can’t just hope and pray their tax problem will go away and the IRS will forget about them.  As you can see, the IRS is an expert at inflicting immense pain to more and more delinquent taxpayers every day!

When you have the knowledge of how to attract and get retained by IRS problem clients, your bank account will become flush in short order.  When that transformation takes place you will only regret not starting sooner.  Picture buying a summer home knowing you can afford it.  Imagine taking much needed vacations wherever and whenever you feel like it. Visualize not having to write off large chunks of time and money from your monthly billing statements just to appease clients because you’re afraid of losing them. How about being able to reliably predict how many new clients you’ll have each month by executing proven marketing campaigns.

Transform Your Practice by Helping People Solve Their IRS Problems

 When I first started out I learned as much as I could, although there were very limited resources on adding IRS Representation as a separate practice area to an existing tax, accounting or law practice.  I went outside the industry and attended marketing seminars and conferences, and read as many books on the subject as I could.  Eventually, after making very expensive mistakes I discovered the secret to marketing success in this unique niche.

A major revelation was how little marketing, sales and practice management support was available and that there was nowhere to get help to start in this niche.  That led to founding Roz Strategies and the Tax and Business Solutions Academy.  Roz Strategies is the only organization that takes you by the hand through a tactical, step-by-step learning approach and teaches you how to successfully start and run a thriving tax resolution practice and is exclusively dedicated to tax problem resolution.

After getting fired from my corporate job and in debt to the tune of $100,000, I started on my dining room table in 1998 with zero clients; no prior IRS experience. My “tax” experience consisted of doing some manual 1040s for friends and family. I grew that practice to a nationally marketed powerhouse registering $23 million in sales in 2012 alone.  I experienced month over month revenue growth for 168 consecutive months. I exited that business in 2014 to teach practitioners how to end their financial struggles by empowering them to help taxpayers resolve their IRS problems ethically and with confidence.

Today, besides creating the Tax Resolution Domination System and Toolkit, a tactical done for you, step-by-step, fill-in-the-blanks system, that easily bolts-on to any size practice; I’m a nationally recognized entrepreneur and regular speaker at other tax guru’s seminars and have taught literally thousands of professionals just like you how to succeed in the tax problem resolution niche.

Tax problem clients helped me grow my practice, provided me the financial freedom and independence to spend more time with my wife and kids, and provided countless other benefits.  These are benefits I would have never had if I had not discovered the secrets of attracting and getting retained by IRS tax resolution clients.

Advantages of a Tax Problem Resolution Practice


Unless you like making those dreaded monthly collection calls and wasting time chasing after receivables versus working on earning new business you may decide that tax problem resolution work is just what the doctor ordered. NO MORE SENDING INVOICES. NO MORE ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE!

Tax Problem Resolution clients expect to pay in advance.  You will enjoy having money in the bank for services yet to be performed.  You’ll have deferred income on your books not to mention the time saved by eliminating making those monthly dreaded collection calls.


Generally, in this area of practice deadlines are flexible or more generous than those in typical compliance work. I have had many occasions to reschedule IRS dates for family events, and vacations.


Business experts regularly advise working in a niche as the way to achieve real financial independence.  Tax resolution is the only way to do that building on the skills and credentials you already have.  With having a step-by-step blueprint, you can launch a new specialty that may do the same thing for you that it did for me and my students.

Increased Fees

The average fee for preparing one’s tax return is $273 nationwide. You may be charging slightly more than this right now and I bet your hourly billing rates are in the anemic $75 to $225 an hour range.  However, the average fee that a tax resolution client pays is $5,000 and up. Resolving tax problems  earns double to triple your current hourly rates because you can easily employ value, fixed fee pricing for this work.  But, that’s only part of the good news.  During tax season one client usually means one tax return, one fee.  The season is short and then you’re back hustling for business.  When you are a tax problem resolution practitioner, you’ll have profits and cash flow year round.


A significant portion of this work can be handled by non-licensed staff.  This frees your time to work “on” your business instead on “in” it.  You can further leverage your time through case management tax resolution software.


Marketing to a niche market eliminates competition.  In fact, former competitors become referral sources.  Additionally, being in the powerful position of being able to offer IRS Problem Clients much needed relief will be known throughout your community. Being recognized as the practitioner specializing in tax problem resolution will bring referrals from people and other professionals you’ve never met before.  You’ll be known as the “go-to” person for help.

The IRS Is Your Marketing Partner!

IRS is not only filing liens and levies the old fashion way (by Revenue Officers and by ACS telephone collectors), but now they are being filed automatically by technology – do you think troubled taxpayers will need help more than ever?

Taxpayer’s with IRS problems will make one of four choices when dealing with the IRS:

  1. Pay the IRS 100% of what the IRS says they think they owe NOW.
  2. Ignore the IRS until they decide they have waited long enough for the taxpayer to deal with the problem and will now inflict serious harm by taking the taxpayer’s income and/or assets leaving them very little to live on.
  3. Set up a never ending monthly payment plan because the IRS keeps piling on penalties, interest, and interest on top of penalties. The accrual of all these extra charges often results in the balance due growing every month despite the taxpayer making his or her monthly payments.
  4. Reduce the total amount they owe to an affordable number with the help of a Tax Problem Resolution Specialist and get on with life.

Which one of these choices do you think most people would make?  If they had the money to pay the IRS, they would have done so already.  Others will wait until the problem has negatively affected all aspects of their life.  Yes, some uninformed people will just set up a payment plan that continues to add interest and penalties.  They seldom do this in their best interest and could use your help to fix their mistakes.  Many agree to monthly payment amounts they just can’t keep up with.

Your most profitable cases will come from the last group.  These are your bread and butter clients!  They need help, they want help and the IRS is probably already after them so they’re ready to act NOW, and they will PAY you in ADVANCE to get the help they need to get the IRS off their backs.

Think about it:

  • Uncle Sam needs the money.
  • Politicians love spending tax dollars they don’t have.
  • Over 14 million taxpayers owe back taxes right now!
  • IRS is curtailing customer service phone support and closing walk-in offices;
  • IRS is stepping-up automated enforcement and collection actions.

Smart entrepreneurs always look at the size of the market for a new product or service.  If you think this market isn’t big enough, think again.  Easily one in every fifty taxpayers has a tax problem large enough (over $10,000) to warrant hiring professional help.  How big is the market?  There are over 19 million taxpayers at present that owe the IRS over $391,000,000,000 (billion)… and the number keeps growing every year.

Trust me, people who owe the IRS thousands and with their finances in disarray, will ALWAYS find a way to pay you to stop the immense pain being inflicted upon them by the IRS.  I’m constantly amazed at how people manage to survive with the IRS after them, but eventually they have to face the problem.  Troubled taxpayers will find a way to pay you, in advance.

When you think about many successful business people, they started out by getting in their business at the right time, no matter what it is.  They were either lucky or smart enough to see an opportunity and take advantage of it.

 Will You Be The One Who Acts Or Will You Watch Others Capitalize?

“But It Took You Years to Learn All of This!”

True, like I told you earlier, when I started in the tax resolution niche, I was learning as I went along. There weren’t many good resources to learn how to get clients and I had to do my best until I became successful at it.

Today, through Michael Rozbruch’ s Tax and Business Solutions Academy (TBSA) , you have the opportunity to obtain my knowledge, experience  and help as I take you by the hand and help you leap-frog years of trial and error.   I wish I had this advantage when I started my business!

TBSA has a host of tools, products and monthly group implementation coaching programs that teach you exactly how to attract (and manage) IRS problem clients to your existing practice.  You have the opportunity to participate in live monthly training webinar classes and group Q&A calls or you can learn in the comfort of your home, car or office.  That means you can learn when you have time and at your own pace.

A Brief Look at Roz Strategies and The Tax Business Solutions Academy

Michael Rozbruch’ s Tax and Business Solutions Academy is an eLearning, training, and coaching services company that helps practitioners add and/or build highly profitable IRS Representation practices through proven marketing, sales, practice management and case resolution strategies.

The Academy offers ongoing support through its Insider’s Circle membership program, tools and “how-to” informational products that utilize step-by-step blueprint training for CPAs, EAs, Attorneys and other tax professionals.  The Tax Problem Resolution niche is RED HOT and things are only getting better! The IRS is getting tougher by the day and literally creating business for tax professionals who are prepared to take advantage of this niche opportunity!

Now is the time to get started with what will be the best business decision you ever made!

Get Started Right Now!

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You’ll learn the blueprint on how to increase your monthly revenue by $5,000 to $50,000 a month and more.  I’ll teach you how to generate qualified leads, how to answer the phones, how to set appointments, how to ensure those appointments show up, how to turn those prospects into clients, what to charge and how to collect your fees in advance every time!  Start working toward earning everything you desire including that 2nd home, sports car, great vacation…whatever it is you dream of!