Lead Magnets for Tax Resolution Clients

In this video, I'm going to show you how to get your ideal tax resolution client to contact you.

First, you need to give them a clear reason to contact you. This "reason" is called a lead generation magnet or a “special report”. A special report answers questions your potential clients are already thinking about and gives them information they are seeking. In order for them to receive your special report, they need to give you their contact information: name, email, address and/or phone number.

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Start by answering questions that are already going on in the minds of someone who has an IRS problem. Put yourself in the shoes of someone who goes out to the mailbox and finds a letter from the IRS. What is going through their mind? They are probably having a physical reaction too, maybe their heart starts racing, blood pressure may be rising, or they feel like they’ve just gotten punched in the gut. Even before they open the envelope from the IRS, questions begin to race through their mind because they are afraid what they owe to the IRS or being audited.

The questions you come up with are then answered in your (lead magnets) special reports. It should be about 6-7 pages long. An example of a title for one would be, “The 7 secrets the IRS doesn’t want you to know”. Then ask the person, “Would you like a copy of our free Special Report? All you have to do is give us your name and email, or an address and we will send it to you.”

If I'm someone with an IRS problem here are some of the questions I want answered:

  • How do I file all my back tax returns if I don't have any records? How do I file those returns?
  • I want to pay less. How can I cut a deal with the IRS? How can I settle this debt?

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