Learning From Someone Who Has Built a $20 Million Dollar Tax Resolution Firm From Scratch

I think it's important to ask yourself…where else can you go to learn from someone who has built a $20 million dollar firm from scratch? The answer is nowhere.

"I don't ever write reviews or provide testimonials. In fact, after spending over $50,000+ on my own self-education in the past several years, this is the very first time I've provided a review to any ‘practice development’ consultant. I took the time to write this review because I felt compelled to do so given the tremendous value and insights I've received from Michael Rozbruch and his Tax & Business Solutions Academy.

I took a leap of faith and purchased every program Michael offers including his Insider's Circle Group Coaching Membership on the day it launched. I was apprehensive and a little nervous about joining the coaching membership because I thought it was expensive and I've never joined a monthly, ongoing subscription-type coaching program before. And I generally don't like to introduce recurring fixed expenses into my CPA practice when I can avoid doing so. In hindsight, however, it turned out to be one of the best business decisions I've ever made.

Nearly one year later, I'm still participating in the coaching membership month after month. I choose to remain a member because Michael delivers every month. In fact, he over delivers. On multiple occasions, Michael has provided members with tools and strategies he never originally promised (going above and beyond). His program was outstanding when I originally joined, but its even better now. I've learned so many new strategies that have helped me move my practice forward in the areas of technical tax/case resolution, marketing, sales, and management. These are skills you can't really learn anywhere else if you want to excel in the tax resolution niche. I personally never learned these skills in college, in graduate school, in 10 years as a CPA, or while working for a ‘big four’ international CPA firm. But these are skills you can learn and master in Michael's academy.

When evaluating Michael's programs, I think it's important to ask yourself…where else can you go to learn from someone who has built a $20 million dollar firm from scratch? The answer is nowhere. I've personally never met such an accomplished professional at any conference. Nor do I know any attorney, CPA, or EA that has achieved so much in their practice (or in their lifetimes). Even if you are lucky enough to associate with someone who has achieved that type of success, odds are that they are unlikely to tell you their secrets so you can replicate their success for your own benefit. But Michael does not hold anything back. He ‘tells it like it is’ and I REALLY appreciate his candid approach. He essentially provides you with a short-cut because you can borrow his experience instead of wasting time (and money) trying to figure things out on your own. His honest, direct, and straightforward style of coaching is what you need to make progress. These qualities are hard to find.

I've taken so many other courses, seminars, and workshops before. And many times I felt buyer's remorse because I could sense that the ‘guru’ teaching the subject matter hadn't really done all of what they were teaching. Or what they were teaching wasn't realistically attainable. Or they wouldn't share all the important details and nuances you need to know to implement successfully. But Roz Strategies is different. Michael is a serious guy and he takes this program seriously. I did not experience any buyer's remorse after my investment in Michael's high-quality programs. I asked tough questions looking to find answers I'd been searching for (for years). Michael took the time to address all my questions thoroughly one-on-one and each month during the Q & A sessions. These sessions are priceless because you can learn from Michael's experience as well as other highly-motivated professionals across the country as they ask questions you may—or may not have—thought of. Where else can you get this kind of ongoing support to grow your firm?

I already find that I am starting to work less hours while earning more. I literally used to work seven days a week before but now I enjoy more free time with my wife and son. My fees are higher and I even turn away work I don't want. And I am looking forward to more improvement and progress in the future. Warren Buffett has often said that one of the keys to succeeding is to find mentors whom you can emulate. And that ‘it's better to hang out with people better than you.’ Joining Michael's Insider's Circle gives you access to a world-class mentor you can learn from. I'm so thrilled with my investment in this program that I have shared it with my good friends who are also CPAs in private practice. Michael continues to be a source of information and inspiration for me. If you are evaluating his products and programs, I can attest that they exceeded my high expectations - and I simply can't recommend them enough."

Virginia, CPA

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