Lessons from a Million Dollar Racehorse!

If you own your own business today a lot of people depend on you. Your family, your team members, your clients, your vendors, etc. You must view yourself as the million-dollar racehorse.  Think about it, if you owned a racehorse that every time he ran, he’d win a million-dollar purse, wouldn’t you feed him the best grain available, made sure he got enough rest every day, and had the best trainers and groomers money could buy, so that he could perform optimally every time he raced?  Well, the same is true with you.

Just like owners and jockeys depend on the racehorse performing well, your business is dependent on you performing well and to do so you must take of yourself.  Prioritize getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night as well as eating healthy and exercising.  Spend time and money hiring the best coaches and trainers to maximize your potential.  Roslyn and I have coaches that help us attain our business goals and we have consistently been in various Mastermind groups throughout the years. We are currently in 2 different mastermind groups as I write this.
To accomplish the goals, you set for yourself, and you must see yourself as the million-dollar racehorse.  The discipline you possess in these various areas will help yield the results you desire. So often people ask me, “Mike, how did you grow your tax resolution business to make millions?” I had many strategies to reach the goals I set for myself, and I knew I had to take care of myself. I had to be my best to grow my business and be present for my family, friends, team members and customers.

While remembering to get plenty of rest might seem like simple advice, when you are running a company, you have many things demanding of your time and attention. Owning a business is rarely “easy” but it certainly is more challenging if you are not properly fueling your body and mind. When you are at your best, your potential to accomplish your dreams is within reach.  The numbers you want to reach, how you want to develop your staff, whatever your goal is, comes within reach when you are of sound mind and body.

Remember You ARE the million-dollar racehorse!


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