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Michael Rozbruch, CPA
The Tax Resolution Godfather

The 7-Figure 
Tax Resolution Practice Blueprint

Discover the"5 Surefire Steps For Attracting & Retaining A Continuous Flow Of PAY IN ADVANCE IRS Tax Problem Clients"


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Here's just some of what you’ll discover:
  • How to tap into a ready-made market of 50 million prospects across America who are desperate for your help…
  • The exact marketing strategies that Michael used to generate 168 consecutive month over month revenue growth (while complying with regulatory and circular 230 restrictions on advertising)… The "One Call Close” Consultation Strategy Script... Make DEAD CERTAIN you have pen and paper at ready, you won't want to miss a single word!
  • The process to get retained by 3, 5 even 10 NEW clients every month who are worth $5,000 each (And fire your pain-in-the-butt tax prep clients)
  • This one powerful little change that increased Michael's show-up and close rate (You’ll be immediately able to implement this.)
  • Michael's "One Call/High Ticket" closing strategy. (Say goodbye to long, drawn-out meetings, “I want to think about its” and get your check IMMEDIATELY.)
  • And much more!

BEFORE The Training:

   Confused or hesitant to move forward because you don't know how to resolve your client's IRS problems

   No marketing system to bring in new leads

   ​Don't like marketing because nothing works

   No time for anything because I'm stuck doing cheap tax returns.

   ​Often confused, lost, or stuck on what to charge and how to collect fees

AFTER The Training:

   Confidence in knowing the steps to resolve tax resolution cases. 

  ​A predictable, sustainable marketing system that brings in new tax resolution clients!

  Clarity and understanding marketing because now you "get it"!

  Knowing EXACTLY what to charge and how to collect these fees in advance before the case settles.

  You'll be known as the go-to expert for tax resolution in your local area.

CPA, Certified Tax Resolution Specialist.
Join, Certified Tax Resolution Specialist and CPA, Michael Rozbruch, a pioneer in the tax resolution business,  as he shares with you strategies that helped him generate over 116 MILLION DOLLARS in revenue in sixteen years.

During this LIVE training, Michael will reveal cutting edge information about how to build your tax resolution practice from scratch as well as show you how to expand an existing tax resolution business.
The 7-Figure Tax Resolution Practice Blueprint
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Michael Rozbruch

CPA, Certified Tax Resolution Specialist.

What You're Going To Learn
  • A process for generating tax resolution leads, how to maximize every inbound call, how to schedule appointments AND ensure they show up.
  • What to charge and even how to GET PAID IN ADVANCE from your tax resolution clients.
Best of all – this training is 100% FREE and accessible in real time from your computer or device. But you need to RESERVE your slot immediately as we have to adhere to strict bandwidth limitations and only a limited number of spaces are available.