Make Time for More Fun

My post was inspired from our big weekend in Orlando post the 2016 Marketing & Technology Extravaganza! We are pleased to report the tax resolution marketing and technology conference was a great success! As I said in the edition of my February 2016 newsletter, all of us at Roz Marketing Group would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who attended the 2016 Marketing & Technology Extravaganza! THANK YOU!

We’ve heard a lot of inspiring feedback from members and non-members alike. Not only that, we’re so proud of all the hard work everyone is putting into tax resolution — the future of our industry is certainly bright! Keep your calendars open for our 2017 Extravaganza!

As you well know, taxes and tax resolution can be a serious topic. We all put the pedal to the metal to be successful, but I have learned it’s just as important to be successful as it is to have fun.

Take me for example: I was raised in a very no-fun household. When I wasn’t at school, I was at home studying or working. There wasn’t much room for anything else — my father even frowned upon me playing sports. But I married a woman who is all about fun!

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 5.26.39 PMAfter the Extravaganza, I was determined to return to the office and go back to work. But Roslyn had other ideas. She booked us an extra night in Orlando, so we could visit Universal Orlando and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme parks. My knee-jerk reaction, of course, was “Absolutely not! We need to get back to the office.” But after giving it some thought, I said, “Yeah! Let’s do it! We worked hard, and now it’s time to have some fun!” So we went to
the parks. And you know what? I had a great time.

Roslyn invited someScreen Shot 2016-02-01 at 5.10.41 PM of our friends from South Florida to join us, and for the whole day, I let all my worries go. Normally, I watch what I eat, but that day, I ate my way from ride to ride. And of the rides we went on, I had the most fun on the Escape from Gringotts roller coaster, and blasting extra-terrestrials on the Men in Black Alien Attack ride. The day was so funfilled, not even the 5 p.m. downpour spoiled it. We just kept going, plastic rain ponchos and all.

The major point I want you to take away from my story is for you to
incorporate more fun in your life. Work hard, but don't be afraid to play hard. Go out of your way to have an adventure. Break the mold every now and then, and do something you wouldn’t normally do because you’re “too busy” or “too focused.” To decompress at home, I play poker with my friends, and Roslyn participates in a book club, among other various activities. And she also makes sure we go out on date nights, or go on an occasional weekend getaway.

It’s vital that we all keep our lives balanced.

Working hard is great, but don’t lose your sense of fun in the process!