Marketing and Technology Extravaganza on January 7-9th, 2015!

I have news you need to know to protect your practice, your career, and your family in the months ahead.

What I’m about to reveal to you dwarfs even the Federal Trade Commission’s attempt to ban charging upfront fees to our clients.

It pales in comparison to when the big-marketing-budget-shysters jumped into tax problem resolution. –Whom most of them are now defunct or bound for jail – maybe both.

Now, there is a new threat, a larger threat and it could be the biggest challenge of your career….

Did you know that a few months ago, a major national tax preparation company decided to enter the tax problem resolution business? And I don’t mean in small way.

That’s causing all the other major tax preparation firms to jump on the band wagon.

This is the biggest threat in years and you probably haven’t even heard much about it yet. Nonetheless, it is a serious threat to your business.

Here’s a few questions you should be asking yourself:

  • Can you compete if a major tax prep firm starts offering tax problem resolution services on every street corner in your community?
  • Will your fees be compared to the tax mills rates for tax problem resolution work?
  • Would you benefit from knowing the secrets you can employ today to not only survive this threat, but to thrive?
  • Should you become part of Michael Rozbruch’ s Tax & Business Solutions Academy  Insider Circle and learn what you must do to thrive despite these challenges?
  • Have you seen the Liberty Tax ads promoting tax problem resolution services?
  • Why do you think H&R Block bought Beyond 415? 

It isn’t my intent to simply frighten you. That would be unproductive without offering solutions. While it’s smart to acknowledge the dangers out there, and to take steps to protect yourself, it’s not the end of the world. 

Think About What You Already Know 

You have seen threats by regulatory bodies that wanted to take away our ability to charge fees in advance. You have seen industry predators attempt to monopolize tax problem resolution with marketing mega-budgets and shoddy work while giving your valuable service a bad name. You have survived these threats and you can survive the newest carnivore seeking to eat your lunch. But, you can’t survive what you don’t see coming and prepare for it. That’s why we are opening day two of the Marketing and Technology Extravaganza with a high-powered panel discussion offering insights, predictions, and solutions to the latest attacks on our unique specialty. This entire event is designed to inform you of the threats and provide viable solutions for you to not only survive, but to thrive in the coming years. 

Whether you are a CPA, an Enrolled Agent, an Attorney, nothing you do now is more important than preparing for the newest threat to your specialized professional service. Take heart knowing that there are many steps you can take to defend and prevail against the newest industry Goliath(s).

What Do Your Trusted Industry Leaders Think? 

The best recognized leaders in the tax problem resolution industry are gathering in Orlando for the Marketing and Technology Extravaganza from January 7- 9, 2015. Nothing is more important to the future of your practice than learning of the looming threats and how to thrive in this new environment. You will hear all the experts’ opinions, analyses, and plans for moving forward; nothing will be held back. 

If you want to achieve your goals and keep your family’s dreams on track, you must be at this event. No one else is offering you the insights and blueprints needed to insure your future is what you want it to be.

Our Simple, Straightforward, No Strings, Guarantee. 

If, at any time during that first day, you don’t think this event will help you grow and thrive in tax problem resolution and ward off the threats addressed in the State of the Industry Address, then ask any of the sponsors’ representatives to authorize your refund of the registration fee. You can leave, head home or to Disney and not be out one penny for the seminar. You will receive a 100% refund within 7 days of the seminar, no questions or conditions. This event is for practitioners who are intent on growing and thriving in tax problem resolution industry. Being aware of both threats and opportunities is a must to accomplish those goals.



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