Marketing During Tax Season

Sometimes the truth hurts -- and here's the truth: tax season is the absolute best time of the year to market to get tax resolution clients.

There are a number of reasons not to ignore tax resolution marketing during tax season - two which I've listed below:

First reason: Taxes are top of mind with everybody, but especially with people who haven't filed in a few years or owe the IRS back taxes.

Second reason: If you market now during tax season for tax resolution clients you actually can do a lot of the work after the April filing deadline, which means it guarantees profits and cash flow for May through December.

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In my tax resolution firm, even though we were busy all year round, there was always more activity in the office January through April. So it's very important to market right now for tax resolution clients. And you can do that in a number of ways.

The first thing I recommend you do is to physically mail what I call a "stealth referral letter" to your client base. Let these people know you offer IRS Tax Resolution services. This letter, which is in my Tax Resolution Domination System and Toolkit and on the members site that you can download, introduces the fact that you now offer IRS representation services in these following areas and send that to all previous and existing clients. You don't need a tax resolution website, you don't need to incur any upfront or startup costs to do this. Go ahead, start your marketing and get this letter out today!