Meaningful Connections Build Worthwhile Relationships

It’s December (and counting down to 2016)! Roslyn and I can’t believe how fast the year has gone. That could just be a testament to how much time we’ve spent out on the road these past months. This season, we’ve been to at least six different events — some I presented at, others were more for educational purposes. At each event we attend, we have the opportunity to meet some of our clients and Tax and Business Solutions Academy members in person, and it’s incredible every time.

Michael Rozbruch Tax Solutions AcademyWhile much of my communication with clients and members is conducted online, I firmly believe that honest, person-to-person relationships are the hallmark of any good business strategy. Don’t misunderstand me — I’m not one to diminish the value of online communication, but meeting a client in person makes for a special bond that online communication can’t achieve alone.

So as I reflect on the connections I’ve made face-to-face, I want to ask you: Are you making meaningful connections with your own clients? What are you doing to strengthen those relationships? And do you hold an open house, send out your newsletter, or otherwise engage with your clients?

At the end of the day, your client or prospect is hiring you. They want to like you and know you, and trust you to handle their IRS tax problems. It’s up to you to find new, more personal ways to reinforce those vital relationships.

For example: When Roslyn and I meet our clients and members, we always ask them in person for their feedback on our tax resolution marketing strategies. We ask them what works best and what needs improvement, because we want to be the best possible resource for our clients and members.

Part of being a great resource means providing opportunities for improvement through events like the Tax Resolution Marketing and Technology Extravaganza — January 6-8 in Orlando, Florida. Sometimes we talk with clients who, for whatever reason, don’t take advantage of these events. And each time, I tell them that it is events like these that can spur incredible change in the way they do business, and the relationships built alone are worth far more than the registration price.

For Roslyn and me, reinforcing relationships in 2016 is about bringing to light all the great things we have planned for you. There are big things ahead that are all designed to make your life easier, like more collaborative, Done-With-You marketing strategies, and an online event in the third week of May (mark your calendars!). Our main focus is the ease of it all, and we’re very excited to share everything with you.

Meanwhile, outside of the office, we’re getting ready to have a group of our close friends over for New Year’s Eve. We’ve been celebrating with this group for many years now. Sometimes we all go out for a nice dinner, and sometimes we gather at one of our houses. We decided to go low-key like we did once before, and will be having a potluck and pajama party. This way we can celebrate, and then go straight to bed! Of course, I’ll share a good cigar with close friends to welcome 2016 the right way.

Wishing you a happy holiday season and a successful 2016!

michael rozbruch tax and business solutions academy