Meet Your Customers Where THEY Are


A couple of times a year, we relaunch two of our core products by doing a webinar or four-hour masterclass. We’ve been doing these relaunches for the last eight years, and each time, we’ll do a big marketing push via our social media ads. Typically, the registration for these webinars numbers in the thousands, but the last couple years, I noticed that the attendance rate was lower than I had expected.

I decided to do some investigating into what was going on. Why were people registering for the masterclass but not showing up? I quickly realized that many people in this group — who registered without showing up — used their mobile devices to register.

I’ve always been against having people attend one of our “events” by mobile phone because I thought that viewing a four-hour training, and filling out the order form would be too much of a hurdle for people on the phone. However, after understanding what the problem was, and why some people weren’t showing up, I decided to give it a try, make it as easy as possible, and let people watch one of my masterclass trainings from their mobile device if they wanted to. We needed to meet our clients where they are.

So, the last time we did a relaunch, we sent out SMS messages to get people to register and show up. The attendance numbers for the last product relaunch training were significantly higher — moreover, many of the people who bought after that broadcast were mobile device users.

So, while I was resistant to offering smartphone access for years, I decided to step back and think about what the client wanted — not what I wanted. It doesn’t matter what I think of my marketing or messaging, it’s what my client thinks that matters. In my case, my clients wanted to use their smartphones to attend our online webinars, and if I wanted their business, it was my job to give them that option.

That’s why I encourage everyone to approach their marketing as if they were their clients. Your marketing should never be for YOU, as you are not the client. It should be about building a relationship with your client, someone different from you. If you don’t do this and only focus on marketing that appeals to you, you’re only placing hurdles in front of your potential customers. What you’re really doing is creating the sales-prevention department.

Remember, one of the major reasons someone is contacting your business is because they’ve received a very scary letter in the mail from the IRS, had their wages garnished, or had a levy placed on their property. Put yourself in their shoes. What do you think it feels like to receive that letter, or have money taken from them? Literally, what feeling would someone have in their body? What are they thinking? Are they old? Young? Married? Going through a divorce? What would their next step be?

Well, if you imagined yourself as your own client, their next step would likely be to pull out the resources you’ve already sent them because you knew they had no clue what the “right” next step would be.

This month, take some time to review your marketing messaging and strategies through the lens of your customer. And, if you notice a gap like I did, figure out what you can do to meet your customers where they are, and make those changes in your marketing.

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