Roslyn's Food For Thought - Worth Celebrating

Roslyn and Michael Rozbruch

This is a guest blog post from my wife Roslyn, Director of Operations, reflecting on the trials and tribulations throughout the year and losing her father at a young age.

Last month, we celebrated Michael's 60th birthday. Where Michael is somewhat dazed and confused about how time has flown by and he is now turning 60, I think of it as sensational! But there is a reason why 60 is such a wonderful milestone for Michael, and for me as well when I turn 60 a year from now. (Our birthdays are five days apart, so every year for five days we are the same age.)

I’m going to share something very personal that isn’t a secret, but is just not something I talk about all the time. The reason 60 sounds so wonderful to me is because my father was killed in a car accident at the age of 59. My mother was my age when this happened. I can’t imagine being in her position, but she handled it with grace and strength. Long story short, without going into all the details, it was a car malfunction that caused the accident, only one block from my parent’s house. At the time, Michael and I had just celebrated our one-year anniversary and had eaten dinner with my parents the night before the accident. The last words my father and I exchanged were, “I love you.”

So to me, 60 is to be celebrated, but in many other ways than I just mentioned. I think Michael is in the best shape of his life. A few years back he decided to lose weight, eat healthy, and exercise, and he has maintained this lifestyle for several years now. He is healthier and more energetic now than ever. And as you hear him say all the time, he loves being able to start over in his career and do something he always dreamed of doing — teaching and helping other professionals and small businesses to be successful.

Over this past year, we’ve become close to members in our Tax & Business Solutions  program, and even though our membership is comprised of people from all over the country, many of you have shared your personal stories of not only your successes, but of struggles and heartbreak. I respect those who have trusted us enough to tell us their personal stories. So not only did I celebrate Michael’s 60th — I also celebrate and admire those who have shown us their strength, courage, and optimism during difficult times. Here’s a toast to Michael turning 60, and a toast to you, our members!