Stay On The Road to Success

Michael Rozbruch Tax and Business Solutions Academy

Roslyn is my inspiration for this quote. She always told me that she believed in me and reminded me not to let naysayers negate my dreams. When I started my tax resolution practice, most people told me "Oh, that's not going to work" (this was 17 years ago...back when it was a new industry). Thank goodness I didn't let others send me off course!

Successful people never let somebody else’s opinion or some bumps in the road stop them from following their dreams.

No one has a better interest in your success than you.

If you believe in what you are doing, forge ahead (and be sure to bring helpful tools with you on your journey). On the road to success, no one's road is a smooth, paved surface; everyone has rocks or boulders on their path. What separates successful people from ones who aren't, is the successful people will find a way around the rock, over it, or through it, or they will chip it away. People who aren’t successful will look at a boulder in the road and say, “The road is blocked and I can’t get around this rock.”

Success starts within yourself.

How can you achieve what you want or overcome the obstacle in your way if you don’t believe in yourself and what you are doing? can't.

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