Michael Rozbruch’s Platinum Mastermind Group

CPA's, Attorneys, EAs and Anyone Wanting to Thrive in Tax Resolution:

After hearing from many of my members that they wanted me to add on another, higher-level of coaching, I’ve decided to put together a “Mastermind Group”.

This will be open only to a small group of Inner-Circle members who are seeking to take their tax resolution business to “the next level”, improve and/or expand it. I want to help with your very specific business challenges. We will meet 3 times over the course of a year—two 2-day meetings, and one 3-day meeting. (The 3-day will have one fun day planned by us). Meetings will be held at a hotel in Los Angeles, utilizing a boardroom/hot seat format, with me personally leading and providing input to each person at every meeting. A big benefit is you’re ‘up close ‘n personal' exposure to hearing how to implement successful advertising, marketing, sales, management and case resolution best practices. The 2nd big benefit is of course, me. I will work with the group and individually on issues, problems and opportunities within the IRS Problem Solving niche. No one else has my longevity, depth, breadth and success in this field, along with a current, intimate involvement within the tax resolution industry. This is a unique combination of experience and knowledge.

I will handpick a select few of the 10-12 people who will be in the group. Each person is also allowed to bring either a business partner, key employee or significant other with them to the Mastermind at no additional cost. Experience, amount of time in the industry and how large your practice is, are not the deciding factors for being a part of the group. What I’ve learned about business people/entrepreneurs is that it doesn’t matter if you are new in a business or a seasoned veteran. I have members from all over the country from small towns to big cities, who are newbies in the industry as well as been in the industry since before there was an industry. What I’m looking for are driven people who want to be the best at marketing, sales, management and resolving cases. I’m looking for individuals who are willing and ready to roll up their sleeves and implement tips and proven strategies to grow their business in the way they want it to be.

No stone will go untouched. This is an unmatched, current experience from which the best strategies and methods can be extracted to ease, speed and magnify your own tax resolution practice business development. Also, I share more openly, transparently and candidly in the Platinum Mastermind session than anywhere else.

The Platinum Mastermind Group is the ultimate insiders’ experience in the tax resolution niche sphere. There is nothing like it, nor has there ever been anything like it.

In addition to the three meetings in Los Angeles, where you can bring one other person who is your business partner, key employee or significant other/spouse at no additional charge, the Platinum membership benefits also include:
• Monthly accountability calls.
• A monthly one-on-one coaching call.

Since I am limiting the size to only 10-12 people slots are filling up fast and there are only a few more available for this year.

Selection is by application only. If you are interested please email Becky, Manager of Client Happiness at Becky@RozStrategies.com, or call her at 818-973-2733 and she will forward the Mastermind application to you.





P.S.—If you want to hang out in generic networking or coaching groups, I guess that’s fine, and offers value, although I suspect, more fraternity, and possible outright distraction or escapism too, but it’s your time and money. BUT, if you want something (1) specific to IRS Problem Solving, (2) with a carefully organized group, and (3) a leader with broad and deep, current and lengthy experience, then this IS the only real game in town. And, here, we are definitely NOT “hanging out”. Everybody comes to WORK, and work we will do! I am not offering an “idea festival”. We meet in a no frills environment, and nobody leaves from start to finish. I am having this Mastermind so I can lead, facilitate and consult to help you achieve the success you desire.

Roz Strategies

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