Online vs. Offline Marketing

social-media-marketing-tax-resolutionNovices and veterans alike in professional practices are understandably a little intimidated by all the new opportunities for marketing their tax companies online. Even large, established companies are still trying to figure out how online marketing fits into their overall marketing strategies.

Fortunately, online marketing is actually more approachable than you may think!

The most important thing to realize is that the “rules” are no different online than they are with “offline” or traditional marketing. For instance, traditional marketing requires research; so does online marketing.

Traditional marketing involves building credibility and authority; so does online marketing.

Perhaps most importantly, all of marketing is highly strategic. The actions you take are based on the outcome you’re shooting for.

So you may have to learn and employ some different strategies to succeed online, but the fundamental approach to marketing is universal. You’ll run into just as much trouble being haphazard with your blogging and social media efforts as you will buying print advertisements and radio ad space without a plan.

Another important point to realize about online and offline marketing is that they’re starting to blend together. For instance, CPA/Tax and IRS Representation blended practices that have a physical location can often offer in office promotions in real time by using social media and email. Likewise, a business that mostly operates online can offer a special bonus to customers who show up at their trade show booth at an exhibition.

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of finding your clients where they are. Some of your target audience may be avid listeners of AM or conservative talk radio, and others are into social media. These days, there are more opportunities than ever before to tailor your marketing message and your offer to specific demographic profiles. I found that over 30 million taxpayers a week listen to conservative talk radio, specifically Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck. Say what you will about their personalities or their views on the world, but that’s where a lot of small business owners (schedule C filers and 941 payroll tax problem clients) are.
Rather than pitting online marketing and offline marketing against each other, recognize that each has its own strengths and its own drawbacks — but they are both more effective when paired together than when they’re segmented apart. As long as you respect the value of both modes of marketing, you’re bound to see the results of your marketing efforts magnified!

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