Live Online Workshop! Text Marketing Best Practices for the Tax Professional

On Wednesday, March 22nd 2017 at 2 PM Eastern (11AM Pacific); Larry Lawler of ASTPS and I are co-hosting a special LIVE, 60-minute, free online workshop with world renowned text marketing expert Majeed Ghadialy.

This Live Online Workshop Reveals Text Marketing Best Practices for the Tax Professional!

Text messaging has a 99% read-rate within 2 minutes of receipt! Compare that with under a 5% open rate on emails. Personalized Texting MUST be a part of your communication and marketing strategy today.

Want to see performance results from hundreds of your fellow tax pros who are benefiting from this without any additional work?

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Majeed will show you how text message marketing produces extremely high results when used wisely. This simple, yet very powerful strategy can boost your profits while cutting payroll costs.

During this webinar, you'll discover how personalized texting brings powerful automation to help you do all of the following effectively and in almost no time:

  • Invite your clients back in a timely fashion consistent with their habits;
  • Minimize missed appointments;
  • Obtain documents from your tax resolution clients faster;
  • Increase referrals by asking a few times after their return is complete;
  • Minimize "on-hold" or "incomplete" returns;
  • Win back non-returning clients with targeted offers;
  • Cross-sell your various services all around the year;
  • Win your client's hearts by sending birthday and holiday greetings;
  • And do all of this automatically!

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I'll "see" you on the training!

To Your Success,