People with IRS Problems Come from All Walks of Life


IRS Help Tax ResolutionI get asked all the time: Will a tax resolution business work in my part of the country?”

There are millions people getting threatening letters from the IRS every day, from Maine to Hawaii.

Those taxpayers owe the IRS over $450 billion, that’s right, $450 billion to the IRS and that number grows every day, because of accruing penalties and compounding interest and new taxpayers coming into the system with their NEW IRS problems.

People with IRS problems come from all walks of life. From doctors to truck drivers, from big cities to rural areas. It doesn’t matter where your practice is - there are people in your communities with IRS tax problems that need your help.

Businesses that get into trouble are usually manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, distribution companies, internet companies, service companies and even professional practices. Regardless of the amount owed or where they’re located, the one thing they all have in common is they are all suffering through the immense pain that the IRS inflicts upon them.

I help CPA’s, attorneys and Enrolled Agents build highly profitable tax resolution practices through my Tax and Business Solutions Academy by showing them how to add tax resolution clients to their firms...I do this because the demand for tax resolution services is HUGE.

So the answer to the question, “Will this work in my part of the country?” is an astounding “Yes”!!

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