Elite Tax Relief with Sandra Mullinax

Sandra Mullinax’s husband Ken was a revenue officer with the IRS for seven years. After working with the IRS Ken approached Sandra about going out on his own to help people with tax resolution and they both decided to make a go of it. Sandra now helps Ken with sales and dealing with clients.

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[3:40] Ken worked on what Michael calls “the dark side,”, he was responsible for collecting, seizing property when necessary, and other similar tasks. Now, he’s switched to “the light side” and helps people avoid these problems.

[5:55] Sandra and Ken worked for a national company that did the marketing and found the clients and then sold tax resolution cases to people like them. One day, that company stopped selling cases and the same day an ad for Michael Rozbruch’s program appeared. They decided to invest in themselves and take their business into their own hands.

[7:30] Before working with Michael, Sandra and Ken were grossing $6,000 to $8,000 a month. Today their company grosses an average of $68,000 each month.

[9:45] Following the program was Sandra and Ken’s key to their success. When Michael told them to market in a certain way, they put in the work and did it. Not putting in the work is the only reason that people will fail to build the business they want.

[12:10] Lead generation has a longer gestation period than direct response marketing. Direct response like paid search, adwords, and radio is the fastest way to grow your business but without an in-house system to convert those clients you will just flush your money down the toilet.

[13:40] Sandra is responsible for all the sales. That generally entails listening to the client’s needs, and coming up with a game plan. People with tax problems don’t know what to do, so you need to be the guide. Give them your fee and then show them your value.

[14:45] Marketing is getting people face to face with you or on the phone. If you do it properly through the lead generation methods they will be prequalified and predisposed to doing business with you.

[16:10] In terms of pricing, don’t undervalue yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for the fee, because tax resolution is a life changing service. In one of Ken’s cases the client owed over $800,000 and they settled the case for $25.

[18:15] IRS problems affect all aspects of a person’s life. It affects their relationships and prevents them from thinking clearly because of the tremendous debt hanging over them. Tax resolution is an invaluable service to your community.

[19:45] The more strategies you have working simultaneously the more you will make in the business. Be online, offline, while sending mailers, newsletters, and networking and you will have more clients than you can handle.

[21:00] Sandra is very honest with their clients. Sometimes a person is not eligible for an offering compromise and a lot of companies will promise them they can without telling them what they need to do to become eligible. This can cost people thousands of dollars without resolving anything.

[23:30] Sandra doesn’t use Michael’s fee schedule because some of her clients fall outside the usual case template. In one such case the client owed well over $2 million and getting everything resolved involved a full one year audit.

[27:00] There is enough business for everyone. Tax resolution is a community and what one company can’t handle they can pass on to someone with the right expertise that can.

[28:10] Currently, Sandra and Ken are marketing on multiple levels. They focus on referral networking, postcard mailings sent out to people on a lien list, social media, and Google adwords. Their online and offline strategies are complementing each other.

[29:55] If you’re struggling or want to get into the business, you should take the roadmap and follow the steps. Educate yourself on how to do the marketing, the work, and how to be successful.

[30:50] Experts are always students first. There is no better investment than yourself and your future.

[32:05] Tax resolution is a community of professionals that work together to support one another and to help their clients.

[34:00] In the first year of following Michael’s system Sandra and Ken had bought a lake home. At this point they are living a life they never believed they would have with the freedom to travel and have the things they always wanted.

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