Transform Your Life with Peter Marchiano

You can be the smartest person in the world but that doesn’t guarantee success. The most successful people today share one common trait which is hard work.

[3:15] Peter Marchiano is a CPA and started his accounting practice in the 80’s. As technology became more of a factor he realized that he couldn’t provide a lot of value with compliance work. While at an accounting seminar he listened to Michael talk about tax resolution and that lead to Peter getting into the tax resolution business.

[5:25] Being able to turn someone’s life around by helping them through the tax resolution process is a big part of the value of the service and ultimately what inspired Peter to get started.

[6:50] Before hearing Michael speak, Peter didn’t really have a tax resolution practice. He helped people with similar situations but didn’t really understand how it was done and ended up doing the work for a fraction of the price. Once he went through the program Peter realized what kind of a gem that he had on his hands.

[8:35] 95% of CPA and agents do tax resolution work without even realizing they’re doing it. They find it miserable because dealing with the IRS is difficult when you don’t know what to do.

[10:15] In 2019, Peter has done $123,000 in revenue, a big portion of that is deferred revenue that will go into the bank account automatically. Peter is now able to plan out his business because of the cash flow that’s built-in.

[14:15] Always have your phones answered live because a lot of the people that have tax problems are not sleeping at night. Just by following a simple script and answering the phone live you can win over most clients.

[17:30] When Peter first saw the fee schedule he felt like there was no way he could charge so much money. When you position yourself correctly the client’s are coming in having pre-sold themselves already so at that point price isn’t really an issue.

[19:50] There are four phases to high ticket selling and one particular phrase that you can use between the first and second phases that turn the process around and gets the client to try to convince you to take their case. Just have a conversation with the prospect to see if you can help them instead of going for the hard sell.

[24:30] If someone is considering the tax resolution business, the best thing you can do is to check out the Tax Resolution Training system. If you’re on the fence, make the jump and get started because you are not going to change anyone’s life doing tax returns. Remember that a specialist always makes more money than the general practitioner.

[29:10] Peter rarely gets much push back on the fees during the initial consultation because of the way he leads up to the conversation in the first place. If you follow the system, by the time you get to the price they are already sold.

[31:30] 99% of the clients that you will deal with are good people that have run into tough times. Lots of people have had their lives ruined by the IRS simply due to an unfortunate circumstance and when you can help them out of that situation you become their hero. They also become a client for life that is going to refer everyone they know with similar challenges.


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