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April 18, 2019

CPAs, Tax Attorneys, and Enrolled Agents who want to grow their practice can take advantage of the resources from Roz Strategies, showing them how to add tax resolution, a lucrative service that helps delinquent taxpayers who are hounded by the Internal Revenue Service.

June 5, 2018

Roz Strategies helped pioneer the tax resolution industry, and in 16 years generated more than 100 million dollars in revenue. This live training will reveal the five steps to attract and retain a continuous flow of pay-in-advance IRS tax resolution clients, month-after-month.

Roz Strategies blog for tax resolution practitioners ranks in the top 100 list of "Best Tax Blogs on the Planet"

Roz Strategies Blog ranks in top 100 of "Best Tax Blogs"

Tax resolution business expert Michael Rozbruch will lead a live one-time totally interactive online training on June 16th for CPAs, Attorneys and Enrolled Agents teaching proven marketing success strategies.

Roz Strategies New THE ROAD MAP TO SUCCESS: The Complete Series is the NEW "Deep Dive" That Covers The Top 10 List of What Practitioners Want to Know About to Grow Their Tax Resolution Practices.

Second annual tax resolution event hosted by industry leaders teaches latest marketing, sales, and practice management strategies.

Michael Rozbruch brings his tax resolution expertise to a new site called to help more professionals take their practice to the next level.

Tax Resolution industry leaders Michael Rozbruch and Larry Lawler host the first-ever tax resolution business for CPAs, Attorneys and EAs.

Michael Rozbruch and panel of 5 business experts are hosting a free 4-hour LIVE Tax Resolution Success-a-Thon Webcast on June 20th at 11am PST/ 2pm EST.

Michael Rozbruch’ s new Academy helps CPAs, EA’s and attorneys grow their practices while developing more qualified leadership to support the millions of people with IRS problems.

Michael Rozbruch In the News

Michael Rozbruch is a nationally recognized entrepreneur known for his expertise in the field of tax negotiation and mediation. He makes regular speaking engagements throughout the United States in addition to leading tax debt resolution workshops and coaching other professionals on how to build tax debt resolution businesses to help more people with IRS problems.

Rozbruch founded and developed one of the most recognizable tax resolution firms in the country. He has won numerous awards for his entrepreneurial talents. Mr. Rozbruch is frequently interviewed by the media for his expertise solving IRS problems and business tax debt.

Interview with Bill Hargenrader, Motivation Expert

April 16, 2016

Michael talks about his successful entrepreneurial journey and gives his top tips for empowering entrepreneurs, and tips that can help anyone running their own business or is planning on starting one. Watch Interview.

Connections Magazine - "Everything's Up for Grabs; Even Non-Negotiables"

March 14, 2014

Michael Rozbruch's cover story interview shared important advice and personal experiences in negotiation and business that Michael learned in his youth. His approach has defined his success in the tax resolution industry.

Fox Midday Sunday with Tony Valdez

Michael Rozbruch appeared in a 30-minute long special on Fox News Midday Sunday with news anchor Tony Valdez, to discuss tax issues, dole out useful tips, and share how the tax resolution company he built helps taxpayers deal with the IRS and solve their tax problems.

Big Biz Show - Radio and TV Hosted by Bob "Sully" Sullivan

"I always get emails from listeners with tax questions after interviewing Michael Rozbruch. Our website went down due to the traffic of listeners trying to find information on the guy! He is one of the best guys on radio." -Television & Radio Personality and Host of the Big Biz Show, Bob "Sully" Sullivan. Watch Michael interviewed on the Big Biz Show.