Providing Great Client Care

I teach a lot about marketing and sales and management, but today I want to talk to you about how to care and have empathy for your client. Sometimes with all the distractions and everything we're doing today, we unintentionally judge other people.

99.9% of people with tax problems are good people who are dealing with a bad life-altering event that took place. And you know what? Everybody deserves a second chance. One of the reasons why I was so successful in getting clients to retain me was I found common ground with them. I genuinely cared about their situation. I genuinely cared about helping them and getting them the best possible settlement for the lowest amount allowed by law because it gave me such a great feeling inside to actually help someone. I can't explain that feeling. There's such an intrinsic value to this business that's hard for me to put in words. But I found common ground with clients that came in to my office.

When I first started in this business in the prehistoric times, like 18 years ago, and stuff was really getting good for me, I had an IRS problem. I was making a lot of money and I didn't put enough away for estimates. As a result, I ended up owing a large balance to the IRS. I wasn't able to just take my checkbook out and write this big check. So I negotiated my own Installment Agreement. And you know what? When I used to tell people that, perspective clients that like leveled the field for them. And it doesn't have to be something like that, it could be that they talk about their divorce, you can relate your issues with your divorce if that happened to you. When you find common ground with your clients it's a whole different ballgame. It just drives the needle up over 120 miles an hour.

So, when you meet with clients remember 2 things, have empathy for them, care about their situation, don't judge them, and find common ground with them and you'll see that your close rates of people retaining you will soar through the roof.

Until next time,

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