Reducing The Number of “No-Show" Potential Client Appointments

I’ve learned through the school of “hard knocks” that people who have some skin in the game are much more likely to honor their appointment with you than people who don’t.  But how do you get them to put this “skin in the game”?  Your time is very valuable, right? And you only want to meet with people who are serious about resolving their IRS problems and have the money to pay your fees, correct?  You’re already extending a FREE evaluation to them, yes?  This used to happen to me a lot.  Until I figured this out……

To reduce the number of "no-show" potential clients appointments, implement my reservation system.

When you implement my reservation system, you not only drastically cut down on “no-shows”, you increase your close rate significantly.  At the tax resolution company I ran for 15+ years, our reservation system was simple.  We asked for, and a majority of the time, received a valid credit card number to “hold” their appointment time.  If they wouldn’t give us a card number we couldn’t “guarantee” their appointment time and we told them they would be “bumped” if someone, who gave us a credit card, wanted their time slot. They had to give us at least 24 hour advance notice to cancel their allotted time slot if they didn’t want their credit card charged the $100 fee for not showing up or being available.  We adopted the same philosophy that high-end restaurants use.

Our goal was never to charge the card in the first place.  But let me tell you it really separated the people who were serious about getting their IRS problems resolved and drastically cut down on the looky-loos who suck the time out of you and don’t retain you anyway.

People who give you their credit card to hold their reservation with you are 5 times more likely to retain you!

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