Referral Marketing System and Toolkit

The Quickest Way to Double Your Practice Without Breaking the Bank!


Imagine how great you would feel knowing with predictable certainty how many new referrals would be flowing into your practice month after month after month, every month!

What if I told you that I doubled the amount of my bank deposits in 90 days from this simple, proven system?

Why should you even bother to invest in this this?

  1. You can tap into getting a ton of business from referrals
  2. I give you my "secrets" I used to get hundreds and hundreds of referrals
  3. It’s easy to do—it’s a step-by-step system. All of the letter templates are included—all you have to do is insert you name, address and logo!
  4. This is the most cost-effective marketing strategy to implement

Most professional practices can increase their revenues by 50% to 100%, without spending a dollar more in advertising by implementing a Referral System.

One new IRS Problem Client’s case is worth $5,000 to you.

What if you got just one new client a month from my Referral Marketing System and Toolkit? Would an investment of $497 that yielded $60,000 (12 clients @ $5,000) be considered a decent return on your investment? What if you only got one client at $5,000?

My Referral System Toolkit works even if you don't have staff to help you. It's designed for the solo practitioner.

Here's what you will receive:

  • Quick Start Implementation Guide—so you can start right away
  • The Referral Toolkit that shows you:
    • How to get referrals from previous and existing clients
    • The Referral Reward system
    • How to get professionals to refer to you
    • My system for measuring your success
    • Practice Tips
    • Forms to Keep track of your progress, daily, weekly, monthly
    • Done-for-you (just insert your name, business, logo, etc.) template letters to Attorneys, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, CPAs, Bankers, Accountants, Bookkeepers and un-enrolled preparers.

You will also receive:

  • A 90-minute training DVD titled: "How to Implement Your Referral Marketing System" taught by Michael Rozbruch
  • The "How To Implement Your Referral Marketing System" guidebook, that is a deep-dive of information to be used with your Toolkit, so you can attract even more referrals!
  • A Thumb Drive containing all sample letters in word doc format. You don’t even have to re-type the letters—just insert your name, address and logo!