A Life, A Business and A Love I Never Imagined

michael_roslyn_rozbruchLast month, when Roslyn and I celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary, we chose an Italian restaurant at random to go out to dinner together and celebrate. When we arrived, we were shocked to realize that this was the same restaurant we’d gone to on our very first date.

As we were taken to our table, we realized that not much inside had changed in 33 years. We sat down to dinner, and couldn’t help reminiscing a little. When we’d went on our first date in 1983, the restaurant had been French, and I, in my desperation to impress Roslyn, tried to be fancy and ordered the same thing she ordered — quiche. A book had come out called “Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche,” and it was about as trendy as quinoa and kale are today — except, as it turned out, I had no idea what quiche was. I ended up with a slice of a lumpy, eggy pie that I couldn’t identify and spent the rest of the night starved.

Of course, Roslyn thought the whole thing was hilarious. She was too busy playing hard to get to try to impress me, so she spent the night with a stomach full of food and laughs, while I tried to talk over the sound of my rumbling stomach. We talked a lot about that night as we celebrated 31 years of marriage, and what struck us most was that if someone had come along and stood next to our table and told us that 33 years later we’d be married, best friends, confidants, and business partners, we’d have told them they were nuts!

But it’s the truth. Without that beautiful girl who was sitting across the table from me that night, none of this would be possible. I wouldn’t have the beautiful life I do, and I wouldn’t get to work with such great people, helping them grow their practices and change lives.

We also celebrated another big milestone last month: It was our two-year anniversary since we’ve launched our business. I’ve also been thinking a lot about the coincidence in that. If someone had told me when we opened up shop that we’d have so many of the incredible members we have today — some who have stuck with us from the very first day — I’d have hoped they were right, but I’m not sure I’d have believed them. Just like I wouldn’t have this amazing life without Roslyn, I wouldn’t be where I am without you, my great members.

I didn’t imagine when we started out that every person to become a part of our business family would become so important. Roslyn and I love the emails, calls, and messages we get full of your successes and growth. I know how lucky I am to work with such an elite group of people who’ve made the commitment to invest in their own success. I want every person who has bought our products to have the successes that they do. I want them to have access to the monthly training webinars, the monthly Q&A calls, the Millionaire Smarts productivity calls, and the monthly done-for-you newsletter to send to referral sources, clients and prospects, and all the discounts to live events that come with membership.

For example, we’re putting on a huge Marketing and Sales Confidence Building Event in San Antonio in August and offering a big discount to members. We think this is going to be an incredible event — it is really going to be fun. We’ve created a way for people to really interact and engage in a workshop environment and be a part of it to learn the material in a way lots of other live events don’t make room for. People who attend will get a playbook, so they can write down their strategies as they go and learn ways to implement these strategies in their own practice when they get back to the office.

We’ll also be role playing how to conduct the initial client consultation and how to close a sale. The training manual is great, but being in a live event and able to ask the tough questions can’t be beat. There’s so much that you can learn and then be able to go back to your office with more confidence.

I’ve realized, absolutely, that if someone had told me 33 years ago that I’d have the opportunities I do, to put on amazing events and live casts like we did last month in Chicago, to help people grow their businesses, and to be doing exactly what we want, I’d never have believed them. I’d have coughed up my quiche right out on the table in shock. But looking back, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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