Roslyn's Food for Thought - Are You Present?

This guest blog post is by Roslyn Rozbruch, my wife and business partner at Tax & Business Solutions Academy.

Michael and I are three years into Roz Strategies and even after a few years, this is still a new experience for me in many ways. I definitely have my strengths, but I’m also aware of my weaknesses and areas in my personal and business life that I want to improve on. I’m constantly working on learning and developing myself more.

Image via Pixabay.comOne of my personal strengths is being present and living in the moment. Being present is a buzzword now, with a lot of talk of it on TV, online, in magazine articles, etc. I noticed that I was good at being present many years ago (before it was a buzzword) when I was Assistant Editor at Los Angeles Magazine. At the time, my two daughters were still in school, and when I was at the office, I would think, “If I spent more time here, I would could move up and become an Associate Editor.” But when I was home with my daughters, I would think, “Gee, too bad I can’t spend more time here with my children.” I was fortunate because I worked flexible hours and a 30-hour work week, so I had the best of both worlds. But I recall so many times hearing a colleague say how they’d rather be somewhere else. And when I heard that, I’d respond, “Where I am is where I want to be.” It’s as simple as it sounds. Nothing can make you more present than enjoying where you are, physically and mentally, in the moment.

On the other hand, a weakness of mine is staying focused. I get distracted easily, especially if I’m working on a project. Michael is the reverse; he’s very focused, but sometimes not good at being present. It’s easy to see when people in general aren’t present or engaged with the conversation you are having with them — especially when they are occupied with their phones!

We all have skills we are good at or need improvement on. Strengthening a weakness is more challenging — and more work, of course. What I’ve noticed is there are three steps I take that are helpful for me for my development: 1) being aware of areas in my life I need improvement on, 2) deciding to make the change, and 3) making little changes every day. You can’t change if you aren’t even aware of what needs to be changed. And you can’t change if you aren’t willing to take action on it. Of course, implementing is the hardest part to improving oneself. But one of my secrets is to make small and simple changes and to be consistent in doing them. The key word is “consistent.” I’m not a runner, but I’m pretty sure if I were to compete in a marathon race, I wouldn’t start to train by running 25 miles to start off. I would work my way up to running the distance.

So here’s my food for thought for you: What are your strengths and weaknesses? Take a moment and jot them down. Which of your weaknesses would you like to make stronger? Do you want to be more present? Focused? Disciplined? Sympathetic? Bold? Thoughtful?

Think about simple steps you can take daily to become more of that person you would like to be. And in next month’s Food for Thought, I will share a simple and easy trick I do every morning that has helped me become more focused.

Until then, enjoy the present moment you are in!

– Roslyn