Roslyn's Food for Thought - When Clients Talk, We Listen

Roslyn Rozbruch, my wife and business partner, is the author of this post. 

"Our company’s main focus is on our members and clients."
-Roslyn Rozbruch

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 12.01.05 PMWhen I look back on my working life, I feel very fortunate that I have had several careers and they have all been fun. That doesn’t mean they’ve been easy; I’ve worked hard in every one of them to be successful, but I’ve enjoyed the experience of each journey (my middle name isn’t Joy for nothing!).

To give you a quick recap, I’ve been a hairstylist, a legal secretary, and a journalist/reporter. I also worked part time with Michael at his tax resolution firm. I learned something from each career that helped me in the next. For example, when I was a hairdresser, talking to clients all day helped me learn how to talk to people and get good quotes — a skill that came in handy when I became a reporter. Likewise, being a legal secretary helped me as a journalist as well, because it taught me how to document and keep a good set of files. If a reader, or more importantly, someone I interviewed, ever complained about what I wrote, I always had proof to back up what I said. Not that I was a controversial writer — I was more of a lifestyle and entertainment reporter.

Everything I’ve done in the past has helped me gain the skills for what I do here at Michael's Tax & Business Solutions Academy. I am a quiet force here. Michael is the face of the company because he has the experience in the tax resolution industry, while I’m in the background organizing events and products, writing the newsletter, and doing our marketing. Look, there are only four of us in the office, so we all work together as a team. I see the emails and hear the calls that come in from potential clients, members, etc. Our company’s main focus is on our members and clients, so it’s important for all four of us to talk amongst ourselves. For example, our complete business system - Tax Resolution Domination System & Toolkit -  came about because I heard people asking for more information on certain topics over and over. So I took what people wanted to know most and worked with Michael to turn that information into a manual.

Since our company launched in June 2014, I’ve noticed something else people in the tax resolution industry want to know. I hear it when I am traveling with Michael at conferences or when I’m attending speaking engagements; I see it when people email us. People in the tax resolution industry want more confidence in implementing their marketing and sales as well as confidence with managing their clients and cases.

With that said, we are putting together our first ever LIVE Marketing and Sales "Convert Leads Into Clients" Boot Camp this August in San Antonio, Texas. 

I am very excited about this program for many reasons. Instead of going into all the details now, however, we will be sending out more information over the next several months. I just wanted to give you a heads up about this event, which I know will be like a shot of adrenaline to your system and practice! And for our members — if you decide to come, I’ll be sure to give you a discount on your tickets!

Thank you Roslyn for your post! Readers, stay tuned for details about our upcoming Boot Camp in Texas!

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